Potterotica Podcast, Why it’s The 51st Shade of Gray!

Update: The Podcast is now renamed as ‘FANGASM’ podcast, as they now have expanded into other Fandoms.

Those of us who grew up with Harry Potter are adults now. Though we may go back and read and watch the films, those of us who crave more, now have options. Let us introduce you to the adult side of Harry Potter Fandom.

In case you have been living in a place that doesn’t have access to the internet, there is a ton of fan fiction circling around the net. You can now though get it all in one place to satisfy your hunger for the wand of your favorite character. The podcast is steamy, hilarious, that podcast is the Potterotica Podcast (Update: Podcast is now called Fangasm).

Potterotica Podcast Geek Impulse

The podcast is hosted by friends and Potter superfans Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush, and Danny Chapman. They’ve got four seasons in the books, with episodes titled “Masturbation Managed,” “The Boy Who Licked,” and “Floo-ty Call” to whet your whistle.

In an article on Huffington Post, they dive deep into the podcast

“It’s so fun and so silly, and sometimes it’s sexy, but mostly we’re just laughing,” Rush told HuffPost in a recent phone conversation. They framed “The Potterotica Podcast” as a comedy show ― and indeed, they spend much of each episode howling with laughter at the romantic speeches or descriptions of a male lead’s “slender, pale legs” that are “sparsely covered with black hair.” (Apparently some people don’t find that look to be arousing.)

Claire Fallon, Huffington Post

The hosts of the podcast say that they know many Potter fans that express joy in the erotic fan fiction for several years now. They do also, however, claim that the ones that enjoy it the most are the newbies. They believe it is an art form to itself that is allowing people and fans alike to express and explore their sexuality. “The podcast format is also so great for it, because as soon as you watch a video, it’s like, uh, that’s porn,” Chapman joked. Opening up an erotic romance novel in public might seem nearly as embarrassing. On a podcast, though, “You can bring it to life and close your eyes and sort of imagine it without, like, watching porn on a plane.”

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