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PS5 Review

The PS5 Review is finally here (if you can find one), and it feels like a true technological leap forward in console gaming. Sony’s new console, with its powerful graphics technology and wildly revolutionary DualSense controller, enables for a level of immersion that past consoles simply couldn’t match. The system’s ultra-fast SSD is a game-changer, loading games in seconds and, in some cases, allowing for new ways of communicating with them.

Sony’s lightning-fast next-generation system isn’t without flaws. The system’s large chassis is a little unattractive, and it could be a headache for those with limited room. The design looks aesthetically pleasing but basic and not very customizable. Many of the popular games are still available on PS4, so the jury is still out on whether you can update fairly quickly.

PS5 Review – Where to buy, Specs and Pricing


The console was released on November 12 in the United States, and on November 19 in the United Kingdom and most other parts of the world. The basic version, which includes a 4K Blu-ray drive, costs $499, but if you don’t mind going discless, the Digital Edition costs $399.

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The PS5 has been extensively debated, but it is a pretty enormous piece of equipment. Sony’s 15.4 x 10.2 x 4.1-inch console eclipses almost any gaming machine released in the last ten years, including the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. It’s also significantly larger than its current next-gen competitor, the Xbox Series X, which makes the Xbox Series S look like a toy for kids.

The PS5’s huge architecture helps it to provide serious efficiency while remaining largely calm and quiet (which we’ll get into down the line), but its sheer size could be a problem for those with limited entertainment areas.

PS5 Review – How nice is the 3D Tempest Audio & Console Noise?

We’ve tried a variety of spatial audio implementations in the past, from Windows Sonic to Dolby Atmos, and noticed that PS5’s 3D Audio provides a decent experience mostly, but we’d like to try it out with more upcoming games.

In Astro’s Playroom, we enjoyed watching ships sail by and over our heads, and in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we loved being able to hear thugs closing in on us. However, it isn’t as comprehensive or practical as we had hoped, at least not yet, and it will be up to makers to create a more enhanced version in the near future.

The PS5’s massive size gives it a huge advantage over its ancestor in that it is virtually silent – and produces very little heat. Throughout a long play session, we kept our hand near the rig, and although the PlayStation 5 was obviously generating hot air (as it is intended to do), it was much less than the PS4 Pro.

Sony has also stated that it would use over-the-air updates to optimize the PS5’s fans, allowing the system to become louder, or even silent, for some games in the future.


PS5 Review
Team Asobi/Sony/PS5 Review
  • In comparison to the DualShock 4, the new DualSense Controller seems revolutionary.
  • The adaptive stimuli and haptic feedback are key points.
  • Your mic or, if your TV has HDMI CEC, will be mutable by your controller
  • The controller’s massive, unwieldy size might be too large for some.

During our PS5 Review, we thought that you’ll be happy to learn that your PS5 comes with a DualSense controller. In the palm, the DualSense feels identical to the DualShock 4 that came with the PS4, and we considered it to be very easy to keep for long periods of time. Meaning, yes it’s a bit too large, but it is relatively light in weight.

The PS5 DualSense controller has concave touch sticks, much like the DualShock 4, and they feel mildly more robust this period through, with a pleasant textured finish on the outer edge, whereas early PlayStation controllers had convex analog designs.

PS5 Review – Astro’s Playroom

The latest DualSense controller’s haptic functions, which include finely tuned thudding and adaptive triggers with customizable stress, are showcased in Astro’s Playroom. Greatest of all, it comes pre-installed with every PS5 device, so you can actually play immediately. The rotund bot is the perfect guide as Sony explores uncharted territory with hardware, just as it was with Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PlayStation VR.

In an interview with Engadget, Nicolas Doucet said,  “We’re based in Japan, and [Sony’s] hardware engineering is also in Japan, so we have this kind of old relationship of collaboration with the team,” he said. “Those guys come up with these mechanical features that go inside the controllers, and of course they have a good kind of hunch for what might be a good thing for the future of games. But their core discipline is mechanical engineering.”

 Doucet and his team began quickly prototyping gameplay ideas. The first one was a tiny firing range that included pistols, shotguns, and a number of other firearms to see how the dynamic triggers treated them. They also discovered how the improved haptics could make moving on a variety of surfaces feel differentiated even on a portable device, allowing you to distinguish between sand, water, and ice without having to look at the screen.

“I’d love it if, in two or three years, we can tell with certainty that the first implementation was really cool, really magical, but that today we can do even better,” Doucet said. “I believe it would also demonstrate that this technology has the potential to evolve over the PS5’s life cycle. It’s not something you do once and then forget about. I believe we will continue to explore and discover new ideas, as well as refine it in ways that we haven’t considered yet.”

PS5 Review – Features In-Depth & Streaming Services
PS5 Review
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With our PS5 Review, we believed design is important, but a console’s set of features is much more important, and the PS5 luckily produces on this front. Instead of bringing up the fast menu, the PlayStation button on the controller now brings up a new Control Center.

The PS5’s Cards are one of the more popular new features, with Activity Cards being the most impressive. Cards can be used to monitor trophy progress, hop into particular sections of a game such as a competition or multiplayer mode, see how far you’ve progressed over a game stage, or simply see development updates. You can also use a picture-in-picture mode to watch a livestream of your friend’s gameplay, which is surprisingly awesome.

Users can see the usable Cards at a glance by pressing down on the D-pad or snapping down on the analog stick, eliminating the need to visit a game’s main menu or specific section to find out what’s going on. Overall, we thought Cards were a good addition, though scrolling horizontally through each one was a little tedious at times.

Currently, the PS5 supports over a dozen streaming platforms, including the majority of major providers such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock, and Apple TV, as well as a few more specialized providers such as Twitch, Funimation, NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN, Vudu, Tubi, WWE Network, and Crunchyroll.

PS5 Review – Backwards Capatability
PS5 Review
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The PlayStation Plus Collection is a small selection of PS4 hits that Sony is making available for free to PlayStation Plus members on the PS5. Even if the PlayStation Plus Collection never grows to the scale of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass lineup, the 18 titles available at the moment now are a fantastic perk for PS Plus members.

The PlayStation 5 can run almost every PS4 game (nearly all of them), as well as pick PS3/PS2 games via PlayStation Now… But that’s what there is to it. There’s no way to put a PS3 disk in and get it to function, and you can’t pass your PlayStation Classics purchases from the PS Vita from a few years ago.

On Sony’s latest platform, accessing your old PS4 games is a breeze. If you’re logged in to your PlayStation Network profile, simply click the Library icon, and the PS5 will immediately bring in all of your digital purchases and previously installed games. We found this refreshing implementing our PS5 review.

PS5 Review – So Should You Buy it Or Not?
PS5 Review
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The PS5 is a true step forward in console gaming, with impressive 4K resolution, lightning-fast user experience, and a game-changing controller that makes playing video games more interactive and immersive than ever before. In our PS5 review, we found the console supports almost all PS4 games and, in many cases, improves their performance and loading times.

The PS5 is an excellent next-generation gaming console that we would endorse to our friends and family. One of the strongest aspects of the PlayStation 5 is that it serves as a generational connection. From the instant you log into your PSN account, you have access to your entire library of electronic PS4 games.

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