Quarantine? No Problem! 10 Geek Activities to Keep Busy

Due to the Corona Virus the majority of the world is under lock-down and in self Isolation. What can be done during the long hours staying at home? This might pose a problem for most people but I find that Geeks should be coping with the situation with a bit of ease. There numerous amounts of hobbies and interests guarantees them various number of activates to fill up there day. Here a list of 10 Geek Activities you could be doing and are probably doing during this time.

1 – Play Video Games


Was your busy life taking away from playing your console? Well now seem like the perfect time to play and catch up on the back catalogue of game you know you have not had time to play. Miss your friends? Online play will let you connect with friends that who also in the same predicament. Since you can just download the latest releases new content is not far from reach.

2 – Catch up on Reading

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All readers will have a similar problem. They all have a  stockpile of books, comics, manga,or graphic novels they have purchases and left on there selves to eventually read. Well “Eventually” is now here. Pick up that book you bought ages ago and finally take a crack at it. If that not to you liking, there are tons of E books to look through and find the perfect book to keep you occupied. For Manga lovers Shonen has release over 300 titles online to read.

3 – More Time for Dungeons and Dragons

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To the many Game Master, now it the perfect time to get some planning done. Start mapping your dungeons , choosing the perfect encounters, write an interesting plot thread for your players. People can still get there session time Online so even if you can’t physically meet up, you adventure does not have to be put on hold. Roll20 is just one of many sites that allows players to play online offering tools that make dungeon delving easier.

4 – Painting those Miniatures and Model kits

Learning Painting Miniatures

I realize we geeks amassing a lot of things. If you are a war-gamer or model builder its time to go through your back catalogue and get some building done. Those Hours of assembling and painting are now available  to you. Make your squad color coordinate and prepare  them for your next war game session.

5 – Make some Art

Artist might not notice much of a difference. Creating works of art is usually a isolated activity so not much of a change. Now is not the time to procrastinate but to get some amazing progress done during this time. While we are at it…

6 – Work on that Cosplay for 2020

wip cosplay

Since a Convention season is being cut short now you have time to work on Cosplay. No deadline or last Min Rush-jobs you have the time to work on your craft. Now is the time to go bigger, more detailed, more inventive. When the Conventions start running again you can show off your awesome Quarantine cosplay

7 – Binge Watch Everything

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In the age of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, there no end to the amount of content for you to watch. Series you were behind or wanted to try out are available. Even as I say this most of us are more likely to just binge and favorite show again for the umpteenth time. Luckily, there is a Google Chrome extension that allows you and your friends to watch Netflix together without having to be in the same room.

8 – Play Some Board Games


Many people are not just quarantined  one there own. They might be with friends, Family, roommates. If you are all stuck together might was well find a way to spend that time. This is where that collection of board games gets to shine. Spend some quality time together learning a new game or revisiting family favorites and have a game night.

9 – Rest


Just because you have allot more time now does mean you have spend every minute of it being productive. Relax take a nap get some sleep that you probably are not able to get during a normal week. We are in this mess to keep ourselves health so don’t forget to take care of yourself.

10 – Learn a New Language

There is a book called Fluent Forever. Also another one called Fluent in Three Months. Since this may go on through till the summer, perhaps it is finally time to start working towards learning that language you always wanted to start. There is also a lot of apps to help out such as Duolingo and Memrise. Let us know how they work for you.

There you have it, and A reminder that everyone should stay save during this time and make use of the time you have available to you. Have any other activates? Let us know down below.

Featured Image is from @ Itsliamtucker on Instagram

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