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Destroy Some Aliens and Zombies! Rainbow Six: Siege – Outbreak is fun!

Rainbow Six: Siege just continues to delight us. If only destiny could do something similar I would lay it more. Anyways, allow me to digress. The newest zombie update is absolutely Phenomenal. Do not take my word for it though. Just go online and play it. Its so good even my grandma tried to play it. True story. So many people are coming back to play it now as a result and there is good reasons why.


siege lion


SteamCharts recorded a high of more than 176,000 players. That’s up from just over 47,000 players one year ago. The first batch of content for season three revolves around Operation Chimera, a Team Rainbow mission to contain a parasitic infection in a remote town in New Mexico. Check out our previous article here about Operation Chimera. Beyond the standard stuff, there are also some stranger enemies, like a zombie witch that spawns new enemies, and an alien who gets stronger as its HP depletes.




There seems to be an abundance of ammo everywhere which is nice. It seems that you are constantly getting ambushed so running out of ammo hasn’t happened. Similar to the main game, enemies and players can destroy walls and doors, but with that being said players can also barricade doors as well as set traps. Strategizing where to fortify against an incoming onslaught is a big part of surviving which is super important for the more intense combat engagements.



Really enjoying this mode! I hope we get more like this and with some of the other operators. Surprised it’s three players and not four, but I guess some of the areas are rather small. You get to choose some of your favorite characters so I play as Ash. You only have one month to play so get on it now!



I’m willing to bet my money though that this wont be just limited. Just the amount of time they must have spent on it would be HUGE – cutscenes (which weren’t even in the base game), tons of new animations, 5 new enemy types with unique attacks, visuals and animations, voice lines, music, story…seriously, removing it in a month would be the dumbest thing ever. So I think they will make it semi-permanent. Especially if they keep seeing the increase in the active daily users continue to increase.



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