Ready for the first Monster Hunter World DLC? I’m not.

DLC Spoiler Beware – You’ve been warned, I will be discussing possible mechanics for a new monster that will be releasing soon.



Hey Geek Impulse Fam! I did my best to try to wait for the PC release. In the end I caved and purchased Monster Hunter World for the PS4. I can definitely say that I live with no regrets. Monster Hunter World is now in the top list of games I’ve ever played. Though it saddens me even more that the PC launch was delayed.

However back to the topic on hand! The first Monster Hunter World DLC will be releasing Spring 2018. I am completely new to the game title itself so I became quite impressed when I found out that the first DLC is free.

The DLC itself will feature a new monster, Deviljho. Deviljho is a large and very aggressive brute wyvern. One can expect him to show up unannounced, just like Bazelgeuse.

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Here is an image of the insatiable wyvern. From my understanding Deviljho has breath attacks that do dragon damage with a great deal of quick attacks. However they result in him/her getting tired very easily and retreating for food.

What is quite comical to me was the fact that Deviljho will wander into your fight and eat any cut off tails, making the player lose the carving. I even got further laughs when my squad explained that they would have to use dirty tricks to deal with him, such as poisoned meat.

Currently my hunter rank is 14 and grinding my way up. Lots to do in terms of catch up. I can barely even handle Nergigante. I’m just hoping I will be ready with an arsenal of gear and weapons to deal with Deviljho. Be ready to see some beginner guides made my yours truly!

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