Reina Scully At Anime Expo Reveals Love of Hentai

We had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Reina Scully

Q: How do you manage to get all of this done. You are a YouTuber, Translator, Voice Actor etc…?

A: Oh not well, but I try my best. YouTube is really really difficult right now. It’s a little bit in a discouraging time. so I feel like I’ve chosen what to cut down on which is obviously YouTube and then I’ve chosen to kind of work more with companies like with Crunchyroll or like with life noggin and education channels also because I Just kind of felt like maybe I shouldn’t so much be talking about hentai as I approach 30s. I was like trying to go the more like safer route. So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. A lot of Industry work. 

Reina Scully
Q: What is the appeal of Hentai?

A: I Honestly, I love hentai because this is so bizarre and I explained it once in an always open rooster teeth video, But for some reason I just am more attracted to just drawing two-dimensional things. Like I don’t know what it is. Well, I saw like human porn when I was younger I was like, oh that’s kind of scary and aggressive and then I saw like hentai. I was like it’s so pretty and it’s so like nice so artistic. I didn’t watch Animated hentai. I like read it in like manga form like Doujin  and I was like, it’s gorgeous what how come this didn’t exist before it obviously always did but um Yeah, after that, it’s kind of been end-game for real porn for me.

You Can catch the full interview in the video below. Be sure to leave comments on the video and let us know what you thought about the interview and be sure to leave timestamps of your favorite parts as well. 

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