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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil’s eighth mainline game also has a release date. Developer Capcom revealed today at a live-streamed event that on May 7, 2021, Resident Evil Village will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC, as well as current-generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. A demo will be available for PS5 owners later today, the company also reported.

Resident Evil Village
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Features for Resident Evil Village

LatestConsoleTechnology–RE Engine paired with new technologies available via PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|Sdelivershyper-detailed graphics, advanced immersive audio, and little to no load times, bringing the shadowy village and its evocative residents to life in first-person perspective.

PopularResident Evil Features –Fans might recognize new features in Resident Evil Village that are nods to previous Resident Evilgamesincluding a merchant dubbed “The Duke” who allows players to purchase and sell items, buy recipes for crafting consumables, and customize weapons.

Familiar Faces and New Foes Resident Evil series Chris Redfield returns under a shroud of seemingly sinister motives. Ethan will also encounter a host of new adversaries inhabiting the enigmatic village, all with their own distinctive ways of attacking.

Evolution of Combat–In addition to engaging and attacking enemies, Ethan can also now guard against incoming attacks, or kick enemies away to buy time for his next move, requiring players to further strategize the best approach for surviving the many challenges ahead. 

25thAnniversary Celebration Bonus –As a thank you to fans, Resident Evil Village will include access to a free multiplayer experience titled Resident Evil Re:Verse, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. An all-star cast of fan-favorite Resident Evil characters face off in four to six-player deathmatch battles in iconic series locations.

Play Across Generations Resident Evil Village will be eligible to upgrade from PlayStation 4 to the digital PlayStation 5 version and will support Smart Delivery for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. 

Capcom has announced Re:Verse, a multiplayer title featuring major characters from the Resident Evil universe, in addition to the single-player RE game. For anyone who buys Village, it’ll be available for free.

Sources: Capcom Press Email

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