Rino Sasaki – Worlds Most Beautiful Trucker 23 Years Old and Running Over Otaku Hearts

Rino Sasaki

Rino Sasaki, a 23-year-old Japanese woman who transports fruits and vegetables, travels 200,000 miles every year and spends more time in her Volvo truck than at home. Originally from Kochi Prefecture in Japan, she was working as a dance teacher until her father became ill and she opted to qualify as a truck driver.

Sasaki obtained her HGV license with the intention of accompanying him on long voyages and relieving some of the stress from his operating shifts. Rino, though, has taken the reins of her own Volvo SR 12-wheel truck after falling in love with the open road.

Rino Sasaki and the Open Road

Rino Sasaki

She couldn’t bear the notion of her father being abandoned on the side of the road, hundreds of miles from residence, with no one to look after him. Rino Sasaki, who was working as a contemporary dance teacher at the time, decided to get a truck driver’s license and accompany her father on his long-range journeys. She also attempted teaching her dance lessons, but soon realized that driving thousands of miles across the country meant she wouldn’t always be home on time, so she quit her old job and became a full-time Japanese truck driver.

Rino revealed that she had to deal with her own mother, who was certain that she would not become a truck driver. She said, ” “My mother initially rejected my alternative of profession, claiming that it was not a vocation for a woman. She wishes for me to continue teaching dance. It has a more feminine feel about it.” Friends and coworkers attempted to encourage me not to take this position “But I knew deep down that I needed to be there for my father throughout his work.

It has given him a great deal of pleasure.” Rino travels 200,000 miles per year and spends more time in her Volvo truck than she does at home, hauling aquatic products, fruits, and vegetables around Japan.

Rino Sasaki hopes that her celebrity may encourage other Japanese women to pursue careers in transportation. This is one of the main reasons she chronicles her life on social media, uploading photographs and anecdotes about her travels.

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