River Where the Moon Rises Sees Kim So Hyun Transforms Into 1 Fierce Warrior Princess WIth Romance

River Where the Moon Rises

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama ” River Where the Moon Rises ” has shared a new glimpse of Kim So Hyun in her starring role!

The production crew of KBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama River Where the Moon Rises on January 18 revealed still images of Kim So Hyun, who plays Princess Pyeonggang, who is also the assassin of Yum Ga Jin.

River Where the Moon Rises

Producers of “River Where the Moon Rises” noted, “Kim So Hyun has fully immersed herself in the role of Pyeonggang through her unparalleled enthusiasm and meticulous planning. By pulling off even complicated, large-scale action scenes without displaying a single hint of exhaustion, she amazed everyone in the production team.

River Where the Moon Rises

They added, “We hope that you will look forward to the energy displayed by actress Kim So Hyun, whose portrayal of her character is 100 percent synchronized with the Pyeonggang in the script.”

“River Where the Moon Rises” will debut at 9:30 p.m. on February 15. KST. Check out a preview here for the drama!

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