Rolls-Royce Flying Hybrid Taxi Concept

Rolls-Royce Debuts It’s EVTOL Flying Car Concept



Rolls-Royce Flying Hybrid - Geek Impulse



Rolls-Royce has released upon the world a flying hybrid taxi concept unlike any other. Rolls-Royce views themselves to be at a pivotal moment in its history – laying the foundations to become the world’s leading industrial technology company. Most people think of Rolls-Royce as a car company. Nothing can be further from the actual advances in technology the company participates in. 


Rolls-Royce unveiled its concept for the Farnborough International Airshow 2018, yesterday. It reported plans for an “electric vertical take-off and landing” (EVTOL) vehicle, that could carry four to five people at speeds of about 400 kph for distances of about 800 km. 




You can find out more about how their hybrid electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) concept could pioneer the power of tomorrow by clicking here. The EVTOL is built with Rolls-Royce has a successful M250 gas-engine. The concept vehicle used the turbines to generate electricity for six electric propulsors. In laymen terms, the battery would not require recharging. The turbines themselves recharge the batteries. 


Rolls-Royce Flying Hybrid - Geek Impulse


There are a lot more companies attempting to do this as well. there are a bunch of other companies to keep an eye on in this space: Airbus and Audi are developing a flying taxi together, Uber is building a flying taxi hub in Paris, and Google co-founder Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk firm is working on flying cars.




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