Ruby Rose To Play BATWOMAN In Arrowverse Crossover

The Stunning Ruby Rose As Batwoman





Ruby Rose from John Wick 2 and Orange is the New Black,  will be playing Kate Kane. Kate is described as a young woman with a passion for social justice and is a highly trained street fighter. Coming this December the character will make their debut. This will be part of the four show Arrowverse rose over between Arrow, The Flash, Super  Girl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Their are rumors she will have her own spinoff show next season on the CW.



It seems that WB does not want to use too many main characters for TV as it would best serve them in feature films, but perhaps if they do not start succeeding on the big screen we will see more tv adaptations. There’s a tv flash and movie flash, yet they took Deathstroke off the tv 2x because they didn’t want people to get confused the first time they announced it, and I guess goes the same for the 2nd time they took him off since he appeared at the post credits of JL movie.





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