Do You Need Sakura-themed Adidas? Yes, You Do!

Spring is rapidly approaching in Japan. Hence a lot of articles by Geek Impulse about cherry blossoms. Well here is another for your consumption. Adidas is joining in on the growing trend that never seems to go out of style. That is sakura-themed items. You have food, beverages, clothing, accessories. Regardless of what the company offers, you can be assured, they will have sakura elements to it during this time.

If you like pink, then you are in luck these beauties have style, elegance and Sakura all over it. There are women shoes and men’s shoes. So no one is left behind. The cherry blossom motifs are only on the insole. Green of course accents the outer show so as to resemble the leaves of the tree.

“SAKURA SPECIAL EDITION” is developed as two models of adicross shoes representing both gender “W PUREBOOST GOLF (women’s pure boost golf)” and “cross-knit 3.0 (cross knit 3.0)”, for women, this is the first time It becomes a limited product of special specification of. The green accent color is given to the pink outsole with the motif of cherry tree which is the symbol of spring of Japan. Insole is also decorated with cherry blossoms as a motif, it will be a shoe feels everywhere like Japanese springs reminiscent of the arrival of the golf season.


We are excited as we enjoy the Sakura season in Japan. Our boss gives us the day off to explore Tokyo during this time. Moving here to Japan was a great thing for me. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it. For those asking why I do not have a proper profile photo it is because I like my privacy. Thank you for your understanding. Salamat!

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