Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label Features Director Hideaki Anno

Sapporo Beer’s Campaign Brings us Hideaki Anno


Hideaki Anno - Geek Impulse



The Director of Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, appeared in a commercial for “Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label” campaign. “Grown-Up Elevator” is said name of their new commercial series. Actor Satoshi Tsumabuki also stars in the ad as the main character. In it he discusses the beer label with a celebrity whose age corresponds to the floor the elevator stops at.


Hideaki Anno - Geek Impulse


This year marks Hideaki Anno’s 58th birthday. He will discuss a wide range of topics such as the future, finances as well as challenges. Hideaki Anno designed an aircraft which will also be featured in the commercial. We also see from screen shots that an Evangelion unit can be seen. Watch the



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