Say Hello to Diablo 4 New Monster Cannibal Tribe

Diablo 4 is currently in the works over at Blizzard. To create hype around the long anticipated game, the developer has been sharing updates on a regular basis. For those not too familiar, the new game will feature what is called monster families. These enemy tribes will have their own distinct characteristics as well as a role to play in the story-line. For their latest update for Q1 of 2020, the company has revealed a new family of monsters that seem as though they have come from a former barbarian tribe. These families will be composed of four different enemy types. They will of course all be melee attackers. Their feral and highly aggressive nature adds to this information making a lot of sense. 

On their Update it states the following:

Corpses riddled with bite marks. Splintered bones scraped clean of marrow. Tongues sawed off and eyes gouged out of their skulls. These are the bloody fingerprints the Cannibals leave behind—if they leave behind anything at all. No one is certain where they come from, but some legends claim they are a former tribe of barbarians, banished from Arreat years ago. Whether their cannibalism led to their exile or developed out of desperation afterward is unknown. The outcasts brought their endless hunger to the Dry Steppes, and from there spread to the far corners of the world to prey on lonesome caravans and unsuspecting villages.

Blizzard Update

In the same update it also detailed Diablo IV’s UI changes and talked about controller support for the PC version of the game. There’s also, reportedly, a Diablo anime series in the works for Netflix. There still is no specific release date for the game. With that being said, the game is set to be released on for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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