SCANDAL Japanese Band To Distribute Monthly Documentary Series on YouTube 15 Years Strong

SCANDAL Japanese Band

SCANDAL Japanese Band Will Commemorate 15 years since their formation with a documentary series titled “her” Diary 2021.

“Her” Diary 2021documentary that will catch the band SCANDAL’s “real” side. You will be able to see the members share their ideas, work on songs, and participate in meetings. It is expected to distribute one episode at the end of each month.

SCANDAL Japanese Band

The first episode uploaded to YouTube focuses on HARUNA (Vo, G) as she records the vocals for the single ‘eternal’ which the group is scheduled to release on March 3. Below, watch it!

According to Fandom Wiki

In August 2006, the Scandal Japanese band was born by four girls from high school. In an Osaka vocal and dance school named Caless, the girls, Haruna, Mami, Tomomi, and Rina, met. Shortly afterwards, at Shiroten in Osaka Castle Park, they began live street performances every weekend. Soon, they began to get deals from Osaka and Kyoto clubs.

The name of the band comes from a sign near Studio Brotherz, a studio where, in their early days, they played. On the sixth floor of a building shared with other companies, including adult shops, is where the studio was located. As the name for their band, the girls decided to select the largest sign among the stores, “Scandal” ( スキャンダル Sukyandaru). The Scandal Japanese Band gained popularity. Scandal signed with Kitty Records, an independent label, and released three Tower Records exclusive singles in 2008.

For SCANDAL, 2012 proved to be a year of firsts. The title track of their twelfth single was used as the opening theme for the anime BLEACH, “HARUKAZE”. They launched their first Best Of album, SCANDAL SHOW, the following month, as well as hosting their first Nippon Budokan concert, thus becoming the fastest girl band to perform there since their debut. They released their 13th big single, ‘Taiyou Scandalous,’ in July of that year

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