Sea Cave Arcade and Bar Attacked by Menacing Axe-Wielding Man Who Claimed to Have an AK-47 in a 2-day Crime

Sea Cave Arcade and Bar

According to, the New Orleans Sea Cave arcade and bar was broken into over the weekend, with losses ranging from $30,000 to $50,000 to classic arcade machines and other equipment. The perpetrator was said to have been a member of Sea Cave Arcade for a brief time and went by the moniker “The Wolf.”

The axe-wielding man allegedly began plastering an antique arcade cabinet with labels from a grocery pricing gun in New Orleans’ Bywater district. When arcade manager Judah Lea asked him to leave, he replied “interested in dying,” the manager reacted by withdrawing. That was the start of a truly insane night in the Sea Cave.

Sea Cave Arcade and Bar – The Aftermath

Sea Cave Arcade and Bar
© Sea Cave Arcade and Bar

“The Wolf,” a newcomer to the Sea Cave, had already earned a reputation for being unpleasant and causing other customers uncomfortable. Lea reimbursed The Wolf’s affiliation money and kicked him out after the initial encounter. Before leaving at around 7:30 p.m., The Wolf displayed a butterfly knife—the official knife of someone wanting to look cool—and stated having an assault rifle. He returned a half-hour later and allegedly used a bicycle lock to lock the arcade’s front doors, keeping customers and employees inside. Then he began shattering windows, sending shards of glass flying all over the place.

Later in the evening, Lea witnessed from his home as the man resurfaced, this time armed with an ax, and repeatedly demolished the arcade, both inside and out, during 1 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. Lea claimed that he contacted the police officers again, but that the man had vanished by the time they arrived. All of this is allegedly what happened, as all people in America are innocent until proven guilty.

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