SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. Maker of Sega Games 1960 Joyous Nostalgia

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SEGA develops, publishes, and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms. Famously known for Sega Games

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Sega Games Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company, previously known as Sega Enterprises Ltd. and Sega Corporation, is a subsidiary of Sega Holdings Co., Ltd., which is part of Sega Sammy Holdings.

SEGA has created a wide variety of entertainment since its founding in 1960. We contribute to society and the formation of culture through “play”, using the most advanced technologies of the time to offer new and appealing recreation. This has remained the basic spirit of the SEGA group to this day. In April 2015, by adding toys and animation to the extensive list of existing businesses—arcade machines, consumer machines, and arcade facilities—SEGA group was reborn as a group capable of tackling an even wider variety of entertainment content.

Each company will not only continue to grow rapidly by moving in accordance with changes to the environment and customer needs but as a group, will tackle the challenges of creating new value through broad synergies centered on entertainment content. SEGA Group will continue to work on the creation of new methods of play that are not limited by existing ideas and will strive to deliver moving experiences through entertainment to our customers all over the world. We greatly appreciate your continued support in the future.

Hideki Okamura, President, Representative Director, and Chief Operating Officer

SEGA Group is one of three groups comprising SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC. and is the group responsible for entertainment content. We are engaged in many aspects of the entertainment business, ranging from consumer and arcade game content to toys, animation and arcade facility management. From the development, sales, and management of consumer console games and PC online games, to the planning, development, and operation of game applications for smart devices, we consistently develop and deliver globally “high quality” and “multifaceted” content unique to SEGA.

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