Self-Flying Taxi From Boeing Completes First Flight

Its the future of travel for those just wanting to go across town

Self-Flying Taxi From Boeing - Geek Impulse
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There is a race to see who can create and implement the first flying taxis in real life. Several have talked about their plans to do this. It would seem however that Boeing has taken a significant step forward in making this a reality. The aircraft maker has just completed the first test flight of its autonomous electric VTOL aircraft. They verified that the vehicle can take off, hover and eventually land. The machine itself has yet to actually fly forward and it has not even transitioned from vertical to a forward flight. These aircraft have come along way when you think about how the race for these started about a year ago in practice.

They claim that the “Urban Air Mobility” vehicle will shuttle passengers to run errands and avoid traffic in areas where this is an issue. The current range is only 50 miles at the moment, so the practicality of this craft is not huge right now. They are attempting to ensure that the vehicle will remain quiet so that it does not bug people when flying above and there are even plans for ones that can carry cargo. Those just mentioned are reportedly to begin testing outdoors later this year.

The question we have is who their customers are going to be. Will this be something we see role out right away for the general public or only for those with a more disposable income. How will these vehicles be regulated? Boeing seems to be at the helm of making all this happen. What do you all think?

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