Seven Anime You Need to Watch Before Attending Anime Expo 2018

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DARLING in the FRANXX ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキ



darling in the franxx - Geek Impulse

DARLING in the FRANXX, Also known as DARLI FRA (ダリフラ) for short, is a 2018 Japanese science fiction anime television series created by Code: 000 and co-produced by Trigger and A-1 Pictures.

This Mecha Anime series takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has been driven to endangerment by giant beasts known as Klaxosaurs. The remainder of humanity soon establishes a military city known as Plantation, where children are bred to be partnered in boy-girl pairs called Parasites and pilot giant Mecha known as FRANXX.

Hiro, an aspiring FranXX pilot, has lost his motivation and self-confidence after failing an aptitude test. Skipping out on his class’ graduation ceremony, Hiro retreats to a forest lake, where he encounters a mysterious girl with two horns growing out of her head. She introduces herself by her codename Zero Two, which is known to belong to an infamous FranXX pilot known as the “Partner Killer.” Opening Theme is KISS OF DEATH by Mika Nakashima x Hyde. This is the Anime of course that Kim Kardashian claimed was her inspiration for her recent hair change. You can read all about that Here.



Neon Genesis Evangelion 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン



Neon Genesis Evangelion - Geek Impulse



In the year 2015, the world stands on the brink of destruction. Humanity’s last hope lies in the hands of Nerv, a special agency under the United Nations, and their Evangelions, giant machines capable of defeating the Angels who herald Earth’s ruin. Gendou Ikari, head of the organization, seeks compatible pilots who can synchronize with the Evangelions and realize their true potential. Aiding in this defensive endeavor are talented personnel Misato Katsuragi, Head of Tactical Operations, and Ritsuko Akagi, Chief Scientist.

Face to face with his father for the first time in years, 14-year-old Shinji Ikari’s average life is irreversibly changed when he is whisked away into the depths of Nerv, and into a harrowing new destiny—he must become the pilot of Evangelion Unit-01 with the fate of mankind on his shoulders.

NGE first saw the light of day as a manga by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and was published in Shonen Ace magazine from February 1994. It’s purpose was to raise awareness and public interest in the anime version that was to be released in October of the following year.

The anime was directed by the famous Hideaki Anno, and is hailed by many fans as his masterpiece (although there are numerous people who disagree with this point of view).

Fun fact: Evangelion is pronounced with a hard G in English as well confirmed by the author because it is a name. (Confirmed to be pronounced in the English dub trailers) For native English speakers this may seem incorrect contrasting the root word but names are pronounced the way their creators assigned them.



My Hero Academia 僕のヒーローアカデミア




My Hero Academia 僕のヒーローアカデミア - Geek Impulse




Currently in its third season. Here is a synopsis:

Despite being born powerless into a super-powered world, Izuku refuses to give up on his dream of becoming a hero. He enrolls himself in a prestigious hero academy with a deadly entrance exam. To make the grade, he’ll have to put in some serious study time with the mightiest hero of all.

Summer is here, and the heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B are in for the toughest training camp of their lives! A group of seasoned pros pushes everyone’s Quirks to new heights as the students face one overwhelming challenge after another. Braving the elements in this secret location becomes the least of their worries when routine training turns into a critical struggle for survival. It can be found on Crunchy Roll. 



Yuri!!! on Ice ユーリ!!! on ICE



Yuri On Ice - Geek Impulse



Yūri Katsuki carried all of Japan’s hopes on his shoulders to win at the Gran Prix Finale ice skating competition, but suffered a crushing defeat. He returns home to Kyushu and half feels like he wants to retire, and half feels like he wants to continue ice skating. Suddenly the five-time consecutive world championship ice skater Victor Nikiforov appears before him with Yuri Plisetsky, a young Russian figure skater who is already defeating his seniors. Victor and both Yuris take up the challenge on an unprecedented Gran Prix series.



Cowboy Bebop カウボーイビバップ




Cowboy Bebop - Geek Impulse



Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter in the far future with an easy going attitude and some deadly skill at martial arts. Together with his partners, Jet Black, and later Faye Valentine as well, they go from job to job across the galaxy looking for the high priced fugitives to bag.


There is also a cafe that opened up that is themed after the anime. We wrote an article about it. Unfortunately it seems however that the food there is not very good. 



Elfen Lied  エルフェンリート



Elfen Lied  - Geek Impulse



Elfen Lied revolves around the interactions, views, emotions, and discrimination between Humans and Diclonius, a mutant species similar to humans in build, but who are distinguishable by two cat-ear-like horns and “vectors,” transparent arms which can pass through air and objects at high speed. The series centers around the teenage Diclonius girl called Lucy who is said to be the first Diclonius; Rejected by Humans, she begins a subsequent murderous vengeance upon them. While conducting this quiet slaughter, Lucy also creates “Silpelits,” mostly girls (Males implied to exist, though they are rarer ) born like her, meant to spread their mutation and displace the Humans as Earth’s dominant species.


We at Geek Impulse strongly recommend you check with your parents if you are under the age of 18 before watching this. Reason is that it is really gruesome and also some nudity. 




Your Name の名は。



Kimi No Na Wa - Geek Impulse



The film opens to a wave of comets, shooting across the sky.

Two teenagers, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu begin to speak, almost simultaneously. They speak of time and of dreams, and how each can be a great loss.

A piece of one comet breaks off and plummets to the earth

We see Mitsuha struggle in her sleep. She calls out to Taki, asking him if he remembers.

Mitsuha wakes up. But it is not her really. It is Taki, who is freaked out to be in a girls body (though not above copping a feel on Mitsuha’s breasts). Mitsuhas younger sister Yotsuha comes into her room, noticing her being weird again and tells her breakfast is ready. Taki, as Mitsuha, disrobes and looks in the mirror, freaked out by the strange dream he keeps having; waking up as a girl.






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