Shuntaro Furukawa Grew up Playing Famicom, Now is President of Nintendo



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Shuntaro Furukawa will be taking over for Tatsumi Kimishima as president of Nintendo this June. What does this mean for the future of Nintendo and most importantly the Switch? Furukawa takes the helm of Nintendo in a much different place than  Kimishima did. When Satoru Iwata died in 2015 Nintendo was in a bad place. 



Furukawa, is much younger: 46 to Kimishima’s 68. This represents the growing influence of a new wave of younger talent inside the company. Splatoon was a game brought to Nintendo by a younger group within the company and it would seem that Furukawa is someone who would continue that trend. It might be a while before we see the hard work of the incoming president because Nintendo operates years ahead. 



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Shuntaro Furukawa, left, Tatsumi Kimishima attend news conference on April 26. Photographer: Yuki Furukawa/Bloomberg




“The key thing here is that management is getting younger,” said Satoshi Kurihara, an analyst at Tokai Tokyo Research Institute. “They will have to execute the Switch’s growth plan, so in that sense this is a new start.” At a news conference in Osaka, Furukawa promised to bring out Nintendo’s full potential. A graduate of Waseda University, Furukawa worked for about 10 years in Germany, according to the Nikkei newspaper. “I grew up playing the Famicom and come from that generation,” Furukawa said. “Now as a member of management with Super Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto, I have a lot of respect for him. On the other hand, with this new job that can’t just be it, so I expect to say what needs to be said to run the company.” (Japan Times)



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