Simple Home Recipes From A Tokyo Michelin-Star Chef

A lot of us around the world have become home chef’s. This pandemic has brought out many bright ideas. Enter a Tokyo Michelin-Star Chef. They decided to make simple and savory creations with food you can find at the convenience store. (Japanese Konbini’s are much different than other parts of the world). 

Chef Shusaku Toba, who is  One-Star-Michelin Rated, works at a French-Japanese restaurant. He decided to spend his time sharing his simple recipes with the world. His idea? Make simple recipes using common kitchen items and food items found at convenience stores. What has he shared so far? Well,k Carbonara, Napolitan Spaghetti and Mentaiko. Along with these he has also made some Japanese dishes such as Chicken Karaage, Deep-Fried Shrimp and has also shown us how to turn your Konbini sandwiches into luxury eats.  

Konbini Croque Monsieur

Chef Toba takes an average egg sandwich that can be found at a 7-11 and upgrades it to a Croque Monsieur. More like a hybrid form of one where he added a few ham slices and melted the cheese. Even if you are a sub-par cook, this is one you can pull off. 

Mayo, Corn and Cheese Roll

The recipe we see this time is a Mayo-Cornbread Roll. Simple enough, add a bit of shredded cheese top side, put it into an oven or oven toaster to melt the cheese and don’t forget to add some Japanese Sansho pepper before eating or serving.

Peanut, Soy and Egg Toastie

This creation is a weird one. It’s a peanut butter Sandwich that has a bit of soy sauce, cheese and a fried egg added on. Does it taste good? We honestly do not know, but hey maybe. How is this down? Spread peanut butter on the bread (or buy premade in store), add some soy. On top of that add some melted cheese and throw it softly into the toaster oven. Chef compares the taste to a chewy rice cake that is topped with sweet and savory soy sauce glaze. 

Tartare Katsu Burger

This next succulent looking enhancement on a Katsu Sandwich is something you can usually find at any convenience store in Japan. Take the food and heat it first according to directions on the packaging. Then take it and put the buns into the toaster oven for some nice toasty buns. Take some Tartare Sauce and spread it on. Chef Toba did this sauce by mixing Japanese Nara pickles, onions, mayonnaise, fresh cream and a bit of honey. Take some shredded cabbage and you now have a filling meal. The sandwich in the photo is a cabbage and chicken bun from 7-11. 

Sources: Twitter, Time Out Tokyo

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