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POKÉMON with YOU Train


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In the land know as Japan, joy can be found everywhere. Japan has many themed experiences. From themed cafe’s to themed trains. If you want a unique experience then Japan is your destination. With the Olympics coming once again in Tokyo for 2020 I expect we see a lot of new themed events for tourists and participants of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


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Last time in Japan I came across the POKÉMON with YOU Train. My phone wasn’t Charged so I wasn’t able to take photos. Super sad about that, however I found someone who took many photos so I wanted to share those here with you all now after I get into info about the POKÉMON with YOU Train. You basically enjoy a fun outing with the lively Pikachu.



Playroom Car

Try your hand at being the conductor in the driver’s cab or the engine room. Or play with the loads of gadgets and other fun things filling the area around the reclining Pikachu in the middle of the car.

Communication Seats
(reserved seating cars)

Depictions of Pikachu are everywhere, including the backrests of the seats, the curtains and much more!
Tickets for the POKÉMON with YOU Train are not available for sale outside of Japan. There are multiple ways to purchase tickets as follows.
Purchase a pass that is for foreign visitors to Japan and covers the travel area. Recommended passes when visiting Japan
Available for sale at JR EAST Travel Service Centers and your local JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi).
Note: Not all services are available on certain trains when boarding with a pass or a ticket.



If you have a Japanese travel agency nearby or if not google one and book through them because you can get rail passes for way cheaper. For example if you want to go from Tokyo to Kyoto it will cost you about $100 US or ¥10679.5 JPY for one way. If you plane to travel to several destinations while visiting Japan, travel agencies in your country usually allow you to order rail passes from them at a one time fee that can be used unlimited for the duration of your stay.



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So Geek Impulse Fam, have you been to Japan? Do you have any tips for Otaku who are heading that way for a trip? What themed places have you visited? Let me know in the comments below!


A Special Thank you to Kreamy Lin for letting me use her photos


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Until Next time Geek Impulse Fam, Live For The Flips!!!



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