Sony PS5: The Technology in This Console Will Blow Your Mind.



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Sony really seems to take their time when creating a console. Geek Impulse thinks that is a good thing. Usually it takes three years after a console release to get really good quality game. We are due for a new console. Sony hasn’t confirmed much yet about E3 so it would seem that perhaps they are ready to reveal the PS5 during their conference. The console is still having a record-breaking run. By the end of March 2018 Sony has sold 76 million PlayStation 4 consoles. Sony expects to shift another 16 million in the coming financial year.



E3 2018 - Geek Impulse



PC Gaming out performs consoles every year. The challenge is that not many games are offered on PC as it is on on Consoles. The price tag for entry into PC gaming is high due to the high cost and back orders of Graphics cards. Sony, according to our sources in Japan is looking to close the performance gap with their new console. Sources say that they are looking to release in 2019, but might not hit the mark and that a more realistic debut would be 2020. 



Sony is looking to incorporate both AMD graphics processor and CPU into the console. This is significant because it will demand the extra grunt of the 7nm chips, which have now officially entered high volume production. Those of you hoping for a 2018 release will honestly have to wait because the AMD’s Navi GPU, won’t be shipping until later this year which means there is no time to put them into a new Sony PS5. Geek Impulse will say it again, Announcement will be this year at E3 and release will be Holiday 2019. Worse case scenario 2020, but that will allow for one hell of a gaming console.



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