South Korean Drivers License Now Stored on Smart Phones

Smartphones are now normalized to the point that they are never out of reach. Unplugging is rare. So it comes as no surprise that Drivers License and Identification is also placed there. That’s what the three South Korean telcos have done, using an existing authentication system to create digital South Korean Drivers License that can be used to buy age-restricted items in convenience stores.

The Korean National Police Agency will make concerted efforts with the three Korean mobile carriers to boost the usage of the digital driver’s license service, which can help address social problems caused by theft or illegal use of driver’s license.

Min Gap-ryong, commissioner general of the Korean National Police Agency.
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“We are delighted to launch the digital South Korean Drivers License service, which will provide users with greater security and convenience,” said Oh Se-hyeon, vice president and head of blockchain/authentication office at SK Telecom. “Going forward, we will work closely with diverse institutions and enterprises to promote its use in non-face-to-face services, which have surged since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

PASS users can register their driver’s license on the app through a verification and encryption process. Users can only use one smartphone registered under their own names.

To confirm the authenticity of the driver’s license information and to block attempts to register a counterfeit driver’s license, the three mobile carriers connected their identity authentication servers to the Korean National Police Driver’s License System and applied blockchain technology. In addition, from July 2020, the digital driver’s license will be used for re-issuance and renewal of a driver’s license, as well as issuance of a driver’s license in English at 27 Driver’s License Examination Offices located throughout Korea.

Sources: SK Telecom, LG, PASS

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