SpaceX Launched A Rocket That Lit Up The Nights Sky ( Not Aliens )

SpaceX Gave The Night Something To Marvel At



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The Falcon 9 launched into orbit late Sunday (Oct. 7) from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base about 158 miles (254 kilometers) north of Los Angeles to deliver the Earth-observation radar satellite SAOCOM-1A into orbit for Argentina’s national space agency. That mission was a success, and SpaceX also landed the first stage of the Falcon 9 at a new site (Landing Zone 4) near its Vandenberg launchpad in a historic first. (Space. com )





SpaceX boasted their success throughout social media as it is the first time they have successfully launched and landed on land on California soil. The company has two options for recovering boosters: returning to land, using a specially constructed landing pad, or touching down at sea, on the deck of one of the company’s two drone ships. The option SpaceX picks depends largely on the rocket’s payload. 



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