Spawn Comics – 5 Sadistic and Horrifying Villains of The Spawn Universe

Spawn Comics

While there are lots of villains to choose from, Here is our list of the 5 most Sadistic and Horrifying Villains in Spawn Comics.

The brainchild and Image comic character of Todd MacFarlane dabbles in the hellscape, war, social problems, and other dark themes. As such, its central character, Spawn (Al Simmons), is a disfigured undead/demon who, when it comes to comic book edge, is almost unmatched. With that said let’s get into our picks of those villains in Spawn Comics.

Spawn Comics

Let’s get into the arch-nemesis of Spawn from the Spawn Comics and one of his initial enemies: Malebolgia, the greater demon. This is the demon that tricked Simmons into being a Hellspawn, only to see his wife on Earth again. Malebolgia was the main objective of Spawn and the one who caused so much misery and suffering for Hellspawn’s-involved mortals. He was the “devil” dealt with by Jason Wynn. 

Malebolgia originally ruled hell in Satan’s place, as to how much dominion he has over hell, he often served as its commander-in-chief while Satan was away. As such, Malebolgia, even though there are other demons with the same strength or capability, is a revered ruler and authority in hell. He has Super strength, Dimension manipulation, and can morph and influence illusions.

Spawn Comics
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According to the Spawn comics, the heavenly powers have also sent several angels to deal with Hellspawn, and Spawn happens to be on the hitlist of the Angels. However, when Spawn became too much for their Angels, heaven produced and sent a deadlier enemy known as the anti-spawn, to destroy the hellspawn. 

Only the purest will become the host of the Redeemer on Earth. Their practices, ironically, are not exactly kind to mortals. They normally go to great lengths to do so, because their sole aim is to battle the Hellspawn. The Redeemer also tried at one time to abduct one of Spawn’s friends only to lure him out; he almost defeated Simmons afterwards but stopped only because an Angel was already taken hostage according to fandom.

Spawn Comics
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In Spawn comics canon universe, his crimes are some of the most deplorable: he’s basically a serial child killer. Kincaid killed so many kids that Spawn had been hired to destroy him and his rampage.

However, Spawn failed, and the police officers got to Kincaid first. He got off easily because of his mental illness and was just put in an institution. Kincaid soon returned to old habits after serving time there and went on another child killing spree. He also used manipulative tactics to attract unhappy kids, such as posing as an ice cream guy. Even when he was murdered by Spawn (twice, one on Earth and one in hell), the spirit of Kincaid came back to terrorize humans. 

Spawn Comics

The director of the united states security corporation. Jason Wynn is not a supernatural being. That does not say, though, that he is not guilty of wanton evil; Wynn being the head of the Central Intelligence Agency umbrella department (CIA). He pulls the strings of the CIA, NSA and NSC and is known in the country or even the world as the most influential individual. 

Since Simmons began to ask questions about his dirty mercenary job, Wynn decided that the death of Al Simmons is a necessity. Wynn is, without a doubt, responsible for countless massacres involving paramilitary factions. Wynn also made a literal bargain with the devil, if that is not evil enough for you; he traded the soul of his best soldier (Simmons) for a mere token from hell itself in the spawn comics. 

Spawn Comics

The Violator is a creative character from Spawn Comics and is probably one of Spawn’s most frequent enemies; he has no lack of comic book appearances. Compared to the bigger evils that occupy the underworld, the Violator is a direct agent of Hell and is better represented as a lesser demon. He also goes to Earth to carry out the will of his masters, but he is generally sent back for failure to the darkest circles of Hell.

That is because Spawn tries to meddle in his affairs, meaning the two meets regularly and battle each other. The Violator can be seen dressed as an overweight middle-aged man with a scary clown make-up (pictured above) if not in his true demon form. Funny enough, without a clear order from its higher-ups, the Violator cannot kill Spawn or Al Simmons. His primary goal was to groom Hellspawn for their positions in hell. That did not stop the Violator from getting out of line, going on a spree of killing, and attacking Simmons, though. 

Spawn Comics are still around though they are not currently owned by any “mainstream” comic book publishers. They are unique in their own right, but it would be interesting to see them with DC or see a crossover of Spawn with Constantine.

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