Spooky Treats And Kawaii Eats – Pokémon Café The Secrets Out!

New Halloween themed foods were announced for the Pokémon Café in Nihonbashi and Osaka and the Pikachu Sweets Shop in Ikebukuro.

Starting September 12, you can get these two mousse cakes at the Pokémon Sweets Shop that are modelled to look like Gengar and Litwick. Cakes can be purchased as a set of two priced at 1.300 Yen. Combination of the new Halloween cakes with cakes that are already available is possible.

At the Pokémon Café, the Halloween season starts a little later. From September 26 to November 8 a special Halloween meal set will be available. It consists of a cheese doria and a fruits juice and comes with a mask case as a take-home gift. The meal is modelled after a meal from the new Switch Game Pokémon Café Mix and costs 3309 Yen. The mask case will be one of a set of random patterns that remain a secret for now.

As last year the Halloween menu at the Pokémon Café offered a greater variety of dishes and Halloween themed goods were for sale as well, I am a little disappointed with this year’s reveal. I am also not a big fan of having to order a set of a dish and a drink and would have preferred them to be separate.

Pokémon Café
Pokémon Pumpkin Melon Pan

For those that just can’t wait, there are some Pokémon Halloween food items that are available already. The Japanese food company Daiichi Pan started selling two types of Halloween snack bread under their Pokémon Pan label. One is a pumpkin flavoured doughnut and the other a pumpkin flavoured melon pan. They are available in most supermarkets all over Japan and come in a Halloween themed packaging with a Pikachu that is dressed up either as a witch or a magician. I tried the Melonpan and didn’t really taste a lot of pumpkin. It basically tasted like normal Melonpan to me, but the cute packing and the random sticker that is included with each bread might make up for that.

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