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Star Wars Barbie Geek Impulse

Star Wars Barbie Coming at You With Fierce Force! Pose Barbie, Pose!

Star Wars has its own fashion. Not the biggest fan of the clothing our beloved characters wear, but it is distinctly recognizable as the franchise when worn or cosplayed. For those of you that love all things from a galaxy far far away, these Star Wars Barbie are sure to excite you. Mattel is adding a spin to the outfits of Darth Vader, R2-D2, and Princess Leia in an upcoming collaboration.

Mattel has partnered this time with Lucasfilms. The new collar was announced earlier this morning and is available for pre-order on Amazon. This seems to be a new trend for Mattel who has given us such memorable collaborations as Ziggy Stardust Barbie, to the 13th Doctor Who Barbie to the awesome Dana Scully Barbie who came of course with her associate Fox Mulder.

The Darth Vader Barbie displays a sleek black dress with a cape that drapes the runway. Her sunglasses, of course, are stylish with her mechanical inspired choker, bold lips that give off a powerful female boss vibe. Her clutch is styled with the gadgets on the iconic chest plate of Darth Vader. The R2-D2 Barbie looks like a lot of fun. A sporty futuristic look that is an eccentric and very droid. The skirt she is wearing gives off a dome shape and of course, with her blue eyeshadow reminds us of the R2’s photoreceptor. She is fun, sporty, hip and futuristic. Yes! We have the princess and general Leia. Mattel decided to keep the design very much iconic. With a white gown, space buns, and chrome accents. It’s sophisticated and a perfect way to elevate the iconic style she is known for. Overall elegant and stylish.

  • Star Wars Barbie Geek Impulse
  • Star Wars Barbie Geek Impulse
  • Star Wars Barbie Geek Impulse

The dolls are $100 each, and galactic credits are not redeemable. You can preorder them at Mattel’s site. They’ll ship in mid-November.

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