Star Wars Candles So Our Home Can Smell Like The Death Star

Star Wars Candles! Now You Can Smell Like a Wookiee


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Go Ahead. Binge next weekend away with the smells of Star Wars. Forget those romantic nights like everyone else. Tell you significant other to come over, light the candle and let them know you are gonna take her/him to a galaxy far, far, away. 


List of scents:

A New Hope:

Wookiee: Get Your Wookiee on
Bantha Milk : Mmm… Bantha Milk
Trash Compactor: Luke, Leia and Han use this as their Deodorant
X-wing Cockpit: Do You Love Battlefront’s aerial combat? Well Try it Again With This Scent. 😉
Cantina: This is Not The Smell You Are Looking For, Unless You Love Crime and Galactic Beer.
Lightsaber Duel: This Smell Changes Depending if You Are on The Light or Dark Side… Just Kidding…

The Empire Strikes Back:

Han Solo Carbonite: Leia Had Incense Made of This to Remind Her of Hon While Taking Long Baths…
Millenium Falcon:  She May Look Like This, But At Least She Smells Good
Inside of a Tauntaun: Smells Like Vomit, or Maybe Not?
Yoda’s Cooking Pot: Find Out if There Are Seagulls or Not.. Lol

Return Of The Jedi:

Rancor: Because Getting up Close With One Might be The Last Thing You do..
Sarlaac Pit: Hmmm….
Jabba’s Palace: Intoxicating, Lavish And Makes You Wanna be His Pet
Ewok: They Really Do Smell as Good as They Look
Death Star Destroyed: The Smell of The Force and Rebellion.


If you want to purchase these, right now there are two places to get them that we found.  Merchoid and GeekStore have them available as a full set or broken down into movies. Perhaps the Creators should have gotten way more specific with their creativity. Like Wet Wookie, Porkin’s X-Wing Cockpit or Jabba’s pillows. Let us know what you think in the comments below.



These are created by Numskull. You can find them here





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  1. Ryan Brown 🎮 (@Toadsanime)

    These are actually by Numskull, but there’s no mention of them, only one of the retailers that sells ’em! 😉

    • Joshua Sexton

      Thank you for the heads up. We will edit that and mention them in it with a link.

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