Star Wars Insta pots Are At Williams Sonoma. Time To Choose Sides!

The hype is real right now with Star Wars. Though People are both excited for the latest Star Wars coming in December and Glad it will be over, The Mandalorian has filled the void. So it makes sense that companies cash in on this right? Well, Williams Sonoma is doing just that with branded cookware. Two crazes for the price of one. Star Wars Insta pots!

Star Wars Insta pots Geek Impulse
Star Wars Insta pots Are At Williams Sonoma. Time To Choose Sides! 1
Williams Sonoma is also Promising custom recipes on the packaging.
  • Darth Vader’s Beef Stew
  • BB-8™ Shrimp Pasta
  • Dark Side Deviled Eggs
  • R2-D2™ Rotisserie Herb Chicken
  • Chewie’s Chili

They’re available for pre-order now and are scheduled to arrive in stores on December 13th.

Each of the “high-performance all-in-one machines” come with seven cooking functions and 14 smart programs that can “expertly handle everything from pressure cooking, sautéing and slow-cooking to making yogurt.” They also feature an advanced microprocessor Williams Sonoma says “speeds up cooking duration by two to six times, while using 70% less energy than average.” That might not be enough to power Starkiller Base, but it still sounds pretty good.

Sources: Williams Sonoma

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