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Ichikawa Ebizo, One of Japan’s Most Famous Stars, Will Play Kylo Ren in The Star Wars Kabuki Theatre.

The play which is set to debut on November 28th will portray Skywalker family’s “40 years of love and loss.” To celebrate the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film, the franchise will have a kabuki stage play adaptation supervised by and starring famed kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizō XI as Kylo Ren. The play will be a special one-day performance on November 28 in Tokyo and will be a three-act play that will use both traditional kabuki techniques and modern video technology.

The Performance will depict the love and loss felt by the Skywalker family over the past 40-plus years,” Ichikawa said in a press release about the upcoming performance. “Whether you ’re a Star Wars lover or a kabuki lover, it ’s a great piece to enjoy.” Ichikawa will portray the complicated, villainous Kylo Ren—the grandson of Darth Vader and nephew of famed Jedi Luke Skywalker—in the generational portrayal.

According to Mantan Web, the performance will feature key scenes from each of the films in the newest trilogy: The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker. The focus on “love and loss” felt by the Skywalkers is interesting, as it paints the overall saga as something of a tragedy; which it always has been, to a degree, but seeing that through the lens of kabuki makes that theme feel even more weighted and powerful.

The official title is Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke Hikarigatana Sanbon (Star Wars Kabuki-Ren and Three Light Sabers). AS we mentioned above, the play is a one-night-only limited edition style performance. It will be held on November 28 at a yet be announced theater in Tokyo. This takes place only eight days before the opening of the kabuki adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

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