Starbucks Japan Asks, Candy Apple Witch, or Poison Apple Princess?

It’s actually the other way around, but they’re both as sweet as each other. Feast your eyes on this year’s Halloween treats from Starbucks, Japan…


Which one are you?



For the witches this Halloween, one whole caramel cookie, crushed into a blend of chocolate sauce and sweet apple compote. It balances the flavors and textures and makes for a wicked Frappuccino.

Or for the more regal of us, creamy white chocolate matches smooth apple sauce for the sweetest of Halloween treats.

Naturally, both of them are as sweet as you can get, with a dollop of cream on top!



What a table of goodies.



Of course, no treat should go unaccompanied. Starbucks has it covered; it isn’t just McDonald’s that does a black bun anymore! You can currently get a black Philione to balance out all those bright colors.
Or a pumpkin scone, or a black and white marshmallow cookie, or a black meat pie, or a pumpkin salad…. See the full range here:




Pumpk-ed for the Frappes



They’re really going all out this year. These two impressive drinks follow a trio of autumn-themed drinks, the last of which was of course, the trusty yearly pumpkin drink. With a little roasted pumpkin seed twist thrown in!




It’s spooky how crazy Japan goes for its limited food and drink. Every other week there is a new flavor you just have to try. It isn’t just Halloween, and it definitely isn’t just Starbucks. Japanese culture has a huge emphasis on the beauty in impermanence, and that transfers to everyday life everywhere. I don’t even use a calendar anymore, I just know what day it is by what I can eat today!


Bonus; check out this cute little fanged guy we only noticed halfway through the sugar sweet Witch!







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  1. Weeboo Tran

    Why Does Japan Always Get The Cool Drinks???

    • Maisy

      We didn’t get the unicorn frappe! I really wanted that one!

  2. Liz pinkleton

    I am here to comment on anything Japanese. I luv’s Japan. I wish I could go there. It looks so cool.

    • Maisy

      I definitely recommend it! Japan has so much to see and do, and the different culture is amazing

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