Starbucks Japan Wants Customers To Pay With Pens (Photos Inside)

Starbucks Japan already sells many NFC-enabled goods as well as accessories that are linked to a digital wallet. These can be used obviously for purchases. The recent addition to Starbucks Japan’s touch offerings for goods is a pen. the pen is very stylish that is equipped with ink that if coffee color. It uses a contactless technology called FeliCa that’s widely used in the country, allowing customers to simply tap it on a payment terminal.

The official name is Starbucks Touch: The Pen. It joins the small NFC-enable purse called “The Hug” as well as a phone case. September 25th is the launch date. It will cost you roughly $40 USD which converts to ¥4,000 yen. ¥1,000 yen of that is a consumable load. For the average person, this is rather expensive even for convenience. It is not that hard to just pay with your phone. This item is unique, stylish, low key and makes you feel like a secret agent at the same time.

Starbucks is constantly looking at new ways to be creative and innovative. Not all things are adopted worldwide. Japan has a unique market and Starbucks recognizes this and adjusts to each country and culture.

August 1996 After opening the first Japanese store in Ginza, Tokyo, Starbucks places importance on “Moments of Connection” to be loved as “The Only One” for our customers based on our mission I have done it. Through a cup of coffee, conversation and smiles are born and people are connected. The moment of being connected not only to customers but also to partners (employees) and communities (communities). Starbucks cherishes each customer’s attitude and wants to be a special customer. What are your thoughts on this? we would love to know. Leave a response in the comments.

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