Strange Frozen Watch Transforms Into A Gundam

A Watch Transforms Into A Gundam and other weird products that are released from Japan everyday that we did not know we needed. You can find just about anything from minty ear cleaners, to a dictionary desk pillow.

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Strange Frozen Watch Transforms Into A Gundam 1

Well today’s weird and wonderful find is something very odd indeed. It is a Kid’s digital watch featuring Elsa and Olaf from Disney’s infamous movie Frozen. Now you may be thinking that this seems like a very reasonable and normal item. However, this watch secretly transforms into a weird, pink and white Elsa Robot!

Twitter user @EXCEL__ shared the transforming Frozen watch on their Twitter page, and the internet quickly became obsessed. The watch transforms from a sprawling figure to a sturdy looking robot with tiny hands! The weirdest part of the watch is a head pops out for this little robot and it is both tiny and simulates a 90s toy paint job.

There’s also this variation on the idea, perhaps made by a different company, that features Elsa in a robot costume that, frankly, looks eerily like a certain character’s costume from another Disney movie, Big Hero 6. Strangely, when taking on its final form, this one looks even more Transformer-like, with a head that, albeit still too small for its body, at least looks like it belongs on that body.

Though it’s unclear where @EXCEL__’s watch came from, this second watch appears to be one of the “Hero Watch” series, which includes other watches that transform into robots while featuring various popular characters, like Batman, Captain America, and Cartoon Network’s Ben 10.

It is a very odd concept that would work with a lot of franchises. This could become the new thing people seek out and collect from Japan. Even if Frozen has nothing to do with robots, it is a very interesting thing and we hope there are other watches out there for more fandoms.

We took the time to find a place where you can order one of the  Elsa watches:

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