Experience A Whole New Studio Ghibli World with Toshio Suzuki

A very limited Studio Ghibli experience has come to Kanda Myojin Cultural Exchange Center “EDOCCO” at Kanda Myojin shrine hall (near Ochanomizu/Akihabara.)

Get ready to walk right into Spirited Away and delight in some of the wonders that Sen experienced in the magical bathhouse. From giant Yubaba and her sister Zeniba, to pulling tags, and even meeting No Face.

Ghibli always goes the extra mile in their exhibitions, and holding this one on the grounds of a shrine means you already feel the magic before you walk through the doors. The exhibition itself features the creative talents of Ghibli executive and co-founder, Toshio Suzuki. His calligraphy is on display everywhere, and if you choose to line up and get your fortune you’ll even get a piece to take home with you.

Omikuji, or getting your fortune, is a tradition of shrines in Japan. Getting a special Studio Ghibli fortune is a rare opportunity, so it’s probably worth lining up for. You can do the “express omikuji” and shake the box of sticks until one falls out of the hole and retrieve your fortune from the numbered draw indicated on the stick. Or for the real experience, you can choose either Yubaba or Zeniba and get your Luck or Love Fortune. Just reach into her mouth and pull out one of the numbered tags! Thankfully they have great oral hygiene for old people.

The whole exhibit is well decorated with Suzuki’s calligraphy, including a giant soot sprite up in the eaves. You can also get your hands on some elegantly crafted themed food. Rice balls as a nod to Haku (meaning white), soot sprite dessert, and acorn shaved ice are all part of the menu. If you enjoy themed food then I really recommend trying this, as it’s a nice departure from the usual gimmicky style Japan usually employs.

The miniature bathhouse replica with a day-to-night light display is nestled among more calligraphy. Though be careful with which parts you can and cannot touch and photograph. The little signs are clear enough, and the cats and “Nya” added to the end are a touch of cute that we love about Ghibli.

Heading out you’ll come to the gift shop; with exclusive merchandise, only available here so be sure to check it out.

The exhibition is only open until May 12th, but we advise going before the final weekend to avoid the crowds.

Toshio Suzuki and Studio Ghibli Exhibition  鈴木敏夫とジブリ展
Where: Kanda Myojin Cultural Exchange Center “EDOCCO” at Kanda Myojin shrine hall / 神田明神 文化交流館「EDOCCO」内 神田明神ホール
Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda 2-16-2 / 東京都千代田区外神田2-16-2
Dates: 20 April – 12 May 2019
Hours: 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. (last admission 5:30 p.m.) ※ operating hours are subject to change

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