Succubus Anime Best Controversial Characters That Tease Your 5 Senses. Sort of!

Succubus Anime

For a medium just oozing with so many limitless possibilities for design, Succubus Anime does not have a large list. We wonder where the fanservice is and we want more.  

These women of Succubus Anime, have made their respective titles all the more memorable, from their gorgeous physique to distinct demeanor, and this is true whether they were around the entire time, or just for a minute.


Succubus Anime

Len Tsukihime is from the succubus Anime Carnival Phantasm. Len is a Succubus demon, familiar with the power to control dreams, created by infusing a deceased human girl’s soul into a cat’s body.

As such, she can move between the forms of a prepubescent human girl and a black cat. Some centuries ago, she once served a Magus, after whose death she was taken into the possession of Arcueid Brunestud. Even though she was under Arcueid’s care, they were unable to establish a contract because Arcueid is not human, so Len is not considered the Familiar of Arcueid. 

Mayu Tsukimura

Succubus Anime

From the anime Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun, we give you Mayu Tsukimura. A girl who was sent to live with Shungo by Ryoko to conquer her androphobia. Shew is voiced by Kadowaki, Mai.

She and her brother are succubi, which applies to individuals with unusual abilities to attract members of the opposite sex and feed on their life force in this series. Mayu, however, can not regulate her strength, which very often causes her milkshake to bring the boys to the yard constantly.


Succubus Anime

Lolisa (Newbie Succubus) is a Succubus from the anime KonoSuba. She is the youngest of the Succubus Cafe staff. She has the mystical ability to bring people to sleep and make them dream as ordered, much like her employees. ( As a bonus, you should watch the video below as it will be stuck in your head forever. )

In this Succubus Anime, Lolisa is very shy and introverted as she debuts for the first time. She is always worried about her success as a succubus compared to her colleagues. Despite this, she is hard-working, showing a desire to better herself by taking suggestions from Dust and going on adventures to learn what a lewd dream constitutes. Although she was originally naive and easily fooled, by the amount of time she spends with Dust, she has become much more knowledgeable about the world and more able to trick and deceive others.


Morrigan Aensland

Succubus Anime

Morrigan Aensland is from the Succubus Anime Vampire Hunter or also known as Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors in Japan. In pop culture, if I were talking about succubi, I would have put Morrigan Aensland at the top. Or similar to No. 1 at least.  

But Morrigan was in Vampire Hunter, which only had four episodes as an OVA and didn’t really focus on her identity as a succubus. Even, this favorite of cosplay and video games still looks beautiful in anime, having made reasonably obvious the old-school aesthetic with her greatest assets.

Sakie Satou

Succubus Anime

Sakie Satou is from the anime Interviews with monster girls. (English Translation) Sakie Satou sets the golden standard for how supernatural characters like her should be developed by creators and authors.

Sakie has no wings, no tail, or even horns. She looks like a completely average human being in Demi-chan wa Kataritai. Sakie does not flaunt it even though she has a generous bosom. This math teacher is just wearing a red tracksuit instead. Every day, Sakie also makes the deliberate choice to wear glasses and a ponytail to supposedly make her less desirable (although many guys actually prefer that style!) The way a Succubus Anime should be made.

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