Nicknamed by devoted Fans as “H-Cup,” Sumire Ojisan From Nogizaka46 Expands Global Reach with TikTok Debut

Sumire Ojisan

Sumire Ojisan, a stunning cosplayer who stars in the Kamen Rider series, has launched TikTok!, the stage of the drama director who starred in Nogizaka 46, and the official program of Bandai Namco Entertainment “Tales of” series.

Sumire Ojisan and her TikTok Profile

Sumire Ojisan

In order to promote her work as well as behind the scenes, Sumire Ojisan created a TikTok. (Photo below). The Cosplayer has proved that she is more than a pretty face. She is even a talented Swordsman, singer, and swimmer. She has even recently secured a show for Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Sumire Ojisan

She is a big fan of the “Tales of” series and is working with the latest project “Tales of ARISE.” When commenting on her move to TikTok, Sumire Ojisan said, “I had never seen TikTok before, and I didn’t know what kind of content it was, so I spent the whole day editing it. year.

She goes on to say about “Tales of ARISE,” ‘At first, I’d like to try imitating a common post, and once I get used to it, I’d like to make a video that demonstrates the skills that come out in the”Tales Of”series!’

Tales of Series YouTube and Additional Information

In 2018, she began her full-scale activities with an appearance at the largest anime festival in Brazil, Ressaca Friends, on 12 May. In addition to appearing on the cover of “Young Jump” (Shueisha) including her debut 3 months on Amazon and Yahoo! Sumire grew in popularity. She achieved 3 crowns in DMM. In cosplay, she was invited as a judge of the European World Cosplay Competition CWM (Cosplay World Masters).

In recent years, she has been selected as the main cast in the stage “Witch Trial-Graduation Live Murder Case-” which is directed by the Kamen Rider series director, and she has also attracted attention by participating in Chinese martial arts competitions.

Born in Tokyo on December 16, 1994, O-type
T155 / B92 (H) W58 H88 / S22.5
Specialties: Swordsmanship, Swimming, Singing, Wig set, Makeup 
Hobbies: Cosplay, games, manga, Sweets making

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