Sweet Tooth Season Review – What do you do after finding out your life is a Bona Fide lie? 21.

Sweet Tooth

Even if you’re a half-human, half-animal hybrid existing in a dystopian future, the truth can be painful at times. Sweet Tooth, Netflix’s New adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s short comic book series, premiered on Friday, but fans of the original story will be disappointed to learn that filmmaker Jim Mickle has completely redesigned it for the small screen.

In the shift to live-action, most of the characters, as well as the scenery, experienced a similar makeover. Sweet Tooth travels from Nebraska to Alaska and back, passing through a landscape that can best be characterized as “blasted.” The TV program focuses on a journey between Wyoming and Colorado.

Sweet Tooth Review. Every Episode Below

Sweet Tooth
KIRSTY GRIFFIN/NETFLIX © 2021 Photographed October 2020 Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Episode 1:

The episode starts by giving us a background about this doctor who is witnessing the beginning of some deadly illness, then his wife contracts this illness and as he’s taking her to the hospital madness is ensuing outside. All while this is happening a father and his child are going into the wilderness to get away from people and everything. A nurse calls him to help her, and we see that there are numerous babies that are half human and half animal, called hybrids. Gus and his father find an abandoned cabin in the woods to which they rebuild and fix it to make it their home.

After years of living behind the fence his father made, he starts to ask his father about what’s on the other side. His father starts explaining what has happened to the world and why they are away from everyone. Gus believes that the deer he saw is his mother, who his father tells him that that is not the case. A few years pass and it is Gus’s birthday again and his father gifts him a sling shot.

While out exploring with his sling shot and picking up stones, he sees hoove prints and follows them to the fence which is open. He steps onto the other side of it listening to what is out there and then his father catches him and becomes upset and they get into an argument over him being old enough to know what is on the other side.

Spoiler: Pubba dies.

Gus spends a year by himself learning and growing. He finds a map on the ceiling that marks a spot for something. Gus locates this and finds a safe box that his dad had hurried years ago. The box contains money and a picture of his mother that has the word Colorado on it. This prompts Gus to look at the map and find the word Colorado. He makes the decision to pack up his stuff and make his way to Colorado.

While he was about to leave the fence, he finds chocolate on the floor which he then follows, almost getting killed by hunters. He is then saved by another man. This man tells him that if he leaves, he will be killed by other poachers and that there are other kids like him out there. Again, he leaves his home to find the man who saved him to have him take him to Colorado.

Sweet Tooth Episode 2:

We are introduced to Amy, who was a therapist before the crumble happened. She had been locked away in her office for years before venturing outside. Outside everything is empty and destroyed and, on the streets, he sees a herd of elephants pass by, which prompts her to run to the zoo. Gus follows big man, but he’s not having it and tells Gus to go back to the woods. Big man makes camp which Gus finds, and Big Man reluctantly tells him to join him. Big man wakes up to find that Gus ate all his food and medicine.

He’s angry but then Gus tells him he knows where to get food and points to an abandoned lodge. Gus ventures in and then gets caught in the net of the people who live there. They let him down and feed Gus and Big man. A group of people with some sort of logo on their jackets find the campsite that big man and Gus had stayed. We go back to Dr. Singh and his wife, she seems to have been cured from the illness until when they’re playing scrabble and her pinky starts to twitch.

Singh then goes to the cabinet and grab some sort of liquid and puts it into a syringe and gives it to his wife which then stops the twitching. Singh states that they are running low, and he will get some more.

While getting more of the serum, the doctor gives Singh her research for him to continue because she is dying of cancer. He reluctantly agrees. The mother asks Big man what he intends to do with Gus, and he tells her that he doesn’t want him and that he should stay here with her instead. Gus couldn’t sleep and finds big man about to leave, and while he is the group of men who had found their camp come to the lodge. Big man then defeats all but one who makes it inside, which then big man finishes him off.

The family ends up not taking Gus to protect their family and big man and Gus leave on the suspension tram. Meanwhile Amy had made her home in the zoo, while living there a hybrid baby is dropped off outside of her home.

Sweet Tooth Episode 3:

Sweet Tooth

We are introduced to a group of normal teenagers living in an abandoned amusement park. Gus and Big man are making their way to the train and market. Big man makes a disguise for Gus to have him look like a human child pretending to be a hybrid. Dr. Singh and his wife go to a “survivors” party, despite Singh being hesitant because his wife is still no 100%.

Spoiler: While at the party one of the attendee’s pinky starts to twitch, which causes everyone to freak out and insist that he be tested. The results are positive, and he is wrapped up in plastic and the house is then burned down with him in it.

While at the train and market, Big man tells Gus to stay out and not to talk to anyone, but he doesn’t listen and starts to wander. He runs into a girl who tells him to follow her but is stopped by Big man. While in line to get on the train Gus tells Big man that he smells his “Candy” which is his medication that he needs. They then proceed to find the medicine. They get caught and one of the guards sees that he’s a hybrid, which leads to Gus being taken from the train and captured. While being taken somewhere they are saved by a group of people wearing animal outfits.

Sweet Tooth Episode 4:

The Making of Sweet Tooth

Years have passed since Amy found the hybrid baby in front of her home. She had adopted her as her own. While mobile, Amy and her daughter almost run into someone who gets rid of hybrids. Meanwhile, the group of people dressed as animals takes Gus and Big man back to their home. While at the home Bear asks Gus questions about his relationship with big man, which ends with Bear telling Gus that he is not a good man and is one of the men of hurt hybrids and people.

Nancy becomes suspicious about Dr. Singh’s wife’s health. Back at Amy’s her daughter has been hiding a hybrid. Back at bears home, Bear spares Big Man for the sake of Gus, but tiger refuses to listen to Bear and overthrows Bear. Meanwhile, Dr. Singh and Nancy get into an argument in the driveway of his house and Nancy tries to run away but is hit on the head by the horse and dies.

Sweet Tooth Episode 5:

Gus and Big man run into Bear and she gives Gus the information her team got on his mom. Bear starts to leave to go to the train and big man and Gus decide to join because they need to get to Colorado. While going to the train they must pass through the valley of sorrows which is full of the purple flowers, and the only way to cross is on a flimsy bridge. Big man and Bear get into an argument which causes Gus to run ahead and cross the bridge, which breaks while he’s crossing, and he falls to the ground.

While back at the preserve with Amy, Bobby finds a pink ribbon on the gate that means the bad people found them. Dr. Singh’s neighbors are looking for Nancie, which Singh and his wife hid in the freezer at the hospital. When he gets a package, Samantha finds Nancie and then informs the neighbors and then they all go confront Singh and his wife. His wife begins to cough which prompts the neighbors to try to deal with them but is then “saved” by the General and his men.

Sweet Tooth Episode 6:

Gus, Bear and Big man make to the train tracks and jump on to the train. Dr. Singh tells the General that he has figured out how to make a cure for the sickness to secure his and his wife’s safety. While on the train someone comes into their car, which turns out to be someone Big man knows. While on the train Gus runs off to look for dog who is lost. Bear goes ahead to the next car which she learns that the last men are on the train because this is their charter.

Big man goes to the car the last men are in to get dog back and they make him, so they must jump off the train. Amy and Wendy start to pack to flee the preserve because there are last men outside of their home waiting for them. Wendy takes the other hybrids to go to safety while Amy stays behind. The last men take dr. Singh and his wife away to their base. Big man, bear and Gus make it to Colorado and are on their way to Goss Grove.

Sweet Tooth Episode 7:

Sweet Tooth
COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2021 Sweet Tooth

Gus, Bear, and big man are a mile away from Goss Grove and they see smoke coming out of a chimney from a house in a neighborhood not too far from where they are, so they head towards it. They get to a house, which Gus says is his moms house and that there is only one person there. When they get to the door a woman answers the door, who is not Gus’s mom but someone who worked with her, Judy. Judy gives Gus a key to the attic where they find all sorts of files and documents.

Spoiler: Richard was the janitor at the lab where Birdie was a virologist. She made the deadly virus and the hybrids, which Gus was the first one. The military seized the whole lab and all the research. Birdie told Richard to take Gus and keep him safe.

Sweet Tooth Episode 8:

With the revelations made Gus runs off. While walking he finds an abandoned plan with flyers about the preserve all around. Meanwhile at the preserve an army of the last men arrive. Aimee rigs an enormous number of fireworks to go off which give the hybrids in the tunnel time to escape. They make it to the church, but the last men are there already and capture Wendy and Bobby. Dr. Singh and his wife arrive at the destination which turns out to be the preserve, where Aimee had been. Big man finds Gus by the abandoned plane, and they talk for a while about what they would do and where they would go.

Then Gus tells big man that he told the Preserve to come to where he is, they hear a big boom and big man falls back because he’s been shot and the Last man swarm then and capture Gus and take him back to the zoo. Someone in a last man uniform driving a truck comes and picks up big man and takes him someone, which turns out to be Aimee who informs him that the next day they’re going to get their kids back. Bear finds an old phone and gets it to work and calls the last number dialed, which Birdie answers on the other end.

Overall, Sweet Tooth was a good show. The plot line was very solid, with all the intertwining sub plots working together. The cast was incredibly talented and really made you invested in the characters. The ending of the show leaves you wanting to watch more to see what will come of the characters but is also a sweet ending.

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