Anticipated Sequel to Sword Gai: The Animation is Coming to Netflix


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 The official website for Sword Gai The Animation has announced that the anime will get a sequel. Titled Part II, Sword Gai is slated to stream on Netflix worldwide this summer. Two new characters have also been revealed.



Sword Gai The Animation is based on the manga that serialized on Heroes magazine between November 2012 and September 2015 for a total of six compiled volumes. Sword Gai Evolve has been serialized since October 2015. Part I of the anime is currently available worldwide on Netflix, and the PV was made available recently.


So there are demon swords (so…refreshing) and when a human combines with them they either turn into a demon or control it and use its power… The twist is that if you use the power too much then it will consume you anyway. (Vern4813) It seems to us at Geek Impulse that Netflix continues to use CG in its anime for whatever reason. Personally it takes away from the visuals of the anime. Anime is artistic and is part of what makes anime so great and different from the west.


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