Sylvester Stallone DEMOLITION MAN 2 Its Happening

“I think there is. We’re working on it right now with Warner Bros. and it’s looking fantastic. So that should come out, that’s going to happen.” ( Sylvester Stallone DEMOLITION MAN 2 )

Sylvester Stallone is likely to be a success at yet another franchise. The star of the Rocky, Rambo, and Expendables movies — and the director of the Saturday Night Fever follow-up Staying Alive — has announced that he wants to make a sequel to the 1993 Demolition Man action movie.

Besides the Demolition Man sequel, Stallone posted some good news. He also let it slip that his long-awaited James Byron Huggins’ sci-fi novel Hunter adaptation is finally going ahead as well. “We’re making the Hunter movie. That’s going to happen. It’s been in the works for about 20 years. But that’s not all of it! He also said that his 1981 Nighthawks classic action movie was being remade into a streaming series. “We’re re-creating [Nighthawks] as a streaming series at Universal,” Stallone told his fans. “I’m very proud of all the stuff that comes back because they’re keeping it up.”

To catch yourself up to speed, Demolition Man, is already streaming on Hulu as of May 1. Below is a synopsis:

With innocent victims caught in the crossfire in Los Angeles’ intensifying war on crime, both cop John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) and violent thug Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) are sentenced to a state of frozen incarceration known as “CryoPrison.” When Spartan is finally thawed 36 years later, it’s 2032, and Los Angeles is now a pacifist utopia called San Angeles. But with Phoenix again on the loose, Spartan must team up with future cop Lenina (Sandra Bullock) to apprehend the killer.

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