Tantalizing Yoshinoya Beef Bowls That Make Pokemon Trainers Salivate

Yoshinoya Beef Bowls

In Japan is quite common for fast food chains to do collaborations with popular franchises. At the moment the beef bowl chain Yoshinoya is doing a collaboration with Pokémon. From July 23 to August 23 you can get Pokémori Yoshinoya beef bowls sets at all Yoshinoya stores.

A Pokémori set consists of a small size Yoshinoya beef bowls and a Pokémon fruits juice and comes with a random Pokémon collectable figure. It is priced at 498 Yen and there is only a limited quantity of dishes available per day so it might not be available at later times of the day.  When eating in the store the beef bowl is served in special Pokémon bowl with a Pokéball design, when getting take-out, the dish is served in a paper tray with a similar design. The bowl comes with a nice detail. On the bottom, there is an illustration of a Pokémon, that you can’t see until you finish your meal. It reminded me of those plates with illustrations that I had as a kid that were supposed to encourage you to eat up. As an adult though finishing a small size beef bowl is not particularly hard. Most people will probably still feel hungry afterwards. Unfortunately, the Pokémori set is limited to small size beef bowls and can´t be upgraded. 

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Tantalizing Yoshinoya Beef Bowls That Make Pokemon Trainers Salivate 4

Although I am pretty sure they would sell well the Pokéball bowls are not for sale and can only be obtained through a ruffle at the official Yoshinoya Twitter account. You can participate by sending a photo of your Yoshinoya receipt via DM. The more beef bowls you eat the better your chances to win. On the Japanese flee market site Mercari lucky winners are selling their bowls for prices of 10.000 to 20.000 Yen depending on which Pokémon illustration is on the bottom of the bowl.

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