Tesla Builds Ventilators From Their Model 3 parts

Tesla’s Electric Vehicle plants are closed down due to the coronavirus. Tesla Builds Ventilators like the rest of the automakers and they are adjusting their facilities to build those ventilators. Tesla decided to be transparent and release a YouTube video showing us the prototype built with their EV parts. This even includes the Model 3’s display and infotainment system. This was first seen on TechCrunch.

From a car part used in Tesla vehicles, Hospital-grade oxygen is pushed. The oxygen is pumped through one of Tesla’s custom manifold designs. It is of course powered by the vehicle’s computer and controlled by the infotainment system. The patient’s parameters are then displayed on the main display of the Model 3. 

Tesla is not alone as we mentioned. Ford and Gm have also stated that they will donate as well as build ventilators. CEO Elon Musk said recently that the New York factory could reopen soon to produce ventilators. The company has already donated 1,000 ventilators, critics said that the non invasive models are the wrong kind of ventilator. It has been reported that patients that test positive for Covid-19 need ventilators that will inflate the lungs with air intubation. 

“We want to use parts that we know really well, that we know the reliability of, and we can go really fast and they are available in volume,” said Joseph Mardall, Tesla’s engineering directory.  “We’ve used a lot of those.” As well as developing its own ventilator design, Musk says that he’s also purchasing FDA-approved “ventilators” and shipping them to organizations that need them. However, when NYC Health and Hospitals tweeted to thank the CEO for the “essential” equipment, others pointed out that what was pictured were BPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) machines, which aren’t as useful for intensive care units, according to The Financial Times.

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