Elon Musk & Tan Min-Liang Twitter Chat Might Lead to a Tesla Singapore

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In mid 2018, Elon Musk released his latest map of upcoming Tesla Supercharger Stations, which was absent of a plan for Singapore. Taking note, was Cesare Tigliaferre (CEO of TSC in Singapore), who mentioned his dreams of a Tesla for years. This led Musk to retweet about the government’s lack of support for the project. In what could only be called fate, Min-Lian Tan (Co-founder and CEO of Razer), interjects and offers to assist in the roadblock at hand.

Now ride along with me on a voyage to Jan. 3rd, 2019. Ove Kroegor (Drag Race Enthusiast) asks Elon why Tesla is not currently in Singapore, and Musk responds about government disdain for the project. Amid the back and forth, Razer’s CEO chimed in about their upcoming building in Singapore’s One North business park. The Building will boast LED lighting of its signature Razer Green, and Tan gestured to be the showcase for Teslas solar and battery technology.

Tesla has ventured in Singapore before when it opened its office there back in 2010. The office closed six months later, due to lack of car sales and not being accepted into the countries CEVS A1 Eco-Friendly car rebate. The technicality sited was that the car was used, so it did not fall into this category and instead fell in the C3 side of the CEVS, so it was hit with a carbon surcharge. Musk said they tested the vehicle wrong, but since 2016 he has allowed the model 3 to be shipped to Singapore.

So what will this bring in the future for Gearheads, Techies, and renewable energy enthusiasts alike? Will we see affordable quantum computing dancing our cars? Are self-driving vehicles arriving on the horizon quicker than we imagined? One thing is for certain when great minds come together, fascinating things happen. What are your thoughts as we cruise rapidly towards a high-tech sustainable future?





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