The 2019 Lexus ES Will Be The First Car Being Sold to Use Cameras to Replace Mirrors

Japan Leading The Way In Car Tech. Sort of.


Lexus 2019 - Geek Impulse - Japan

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Next month in Japan, Lexus will be selling their first car to replace mirrors with cameras. The Lexus system will make use of two mounted five-inch screens. One on Each side, close to the dashboard, and will display what is being seen by the cameras. For now, the technology will be used in Japan Exclusively, however, we will see it sometime in the near future around the globe.


Lexus is leading the way when it comes to advanced technology for cars in Japan. Audi has also pledged to bring the technology to market with its forthcoming E-Tron electric crossover. Audi’s system looked a bit more neatly integrated than Lexus’ when it showed a prototype version earlier this year.


It is not clear which models  will roll out with this technology next, but it would seem that this technology will become standard for the brand in the close future. Original article here.







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