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After almost 10 years of Amazing Spider-Man Run, Dan Slott has chosen to leave the series with a bang. In the Final Arc on Amazing Spider-Man, Slott has resurrected an infamous spider-nemesis, Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. The catch is that this time around Osborn has found an ally in Cletus Kasady and Kasady’s symbiote, better known as the villain Carnage. Paired with the symbiote, Osborn is the Red Goblin, with all of the strengths of both villains and none of the usual weaknesses. 



To combat this new powerful villain, Dan Slott will pull from the long list of characters to assist in the Red Goblins defeat. Miles Morales and Anti-Venom to a Spider-Slayer robot and Doctor Octopus are just a few rumored to help in the newest comic. The next issue will be a whopping 80 pages long in order to support the large cast of characters. Next paragraph will contain lots of SPOILERS.



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Alex Ross/Marvel Comics

The Red Goblin nearly kills Mary Jane, but she is protected by Spider-Man and Venom. Spider-Man is left with an unshakable conclusion. Red Goblin is two of his biggest villains combined in one man: He’s not powerful enough to defeat him alone (Obviously). Eddie Brock, current host of the original symbiote, has a desperate suggestion — Peter could borrow his alien pal. Peter accepts his offer, and Venom/Spider-Man is back on. 



With all the nostalgia oozing from the pages, it wont last long though. Spider-Man will have to find another way. There will be a major death in the comic which we at Geek Impulse will not spoil for you. There will be many more surprises in this final arc and lets just say the smallest one is the venom/spider-man team up. WINK! What do you think about this final ark and do you thin the Amazing Spider-Man has done well this last 10 years under the helm of Dan Slott? Lets discuss in the comments below. 






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