The Beatles Lord of the Rings Characters? Yes, the Beatles Literally Wanted to Star in LOTR’S Films 68′

Lord of the Rings

Though John Lennon wanted us to imagine all the people during one of his famous songs, we cannot imagine the Beatles being Lord of the Rings Characters. Despite Tolkien released The Lord of the Rings trilogy in the mid-1950s, it wasn’t until a decade later that the books really took off, thanks to the bohemian movement. The idea of a live-action Lord of the Rings film featuring the Beatles spread like wildfire. According to a report from the BBC (via Gamespot), those stories may have had some truth to them.

Which of the Lord of the Rings Characters do You Think the Beatles Would Play?

Lord of the Rings Characters
© Jackson’s restored images in “Get Back” help flesh out a story of creative anxiety and creature comforts inside the Beatles’ cloistered world.Credit… Apple Corps

Jackson stated that a Beatles-starring Lord of the Rings characters film was originally considered while pitching his epic Beatles Disney+ documentary Get Back. Denis O’Dell, their Apple documentary filmmaker, offered that the band make a film based on Tolkien’s hugely popular books. “When they traveled to Rishikesh and lived in India for about three months with the Maharishi in the start of 1968, he sent the literature to The Beatles,” Jackson says. Reviewing the books on their spiritual retreat was supposed to pique their attention.

Jackson speculated, based largely on conversations with McCartney–Starr “doesn’t remember much”–that because there are three books in the trilogy, O’Dell sent “one book to each of The Beatles… to read in India. And they got excited about it.” The film would have featured McCartney as Frodo, Starr as Sam, Lennon as Gollum, and Harrison as Gandalf. And on top of that perfect casting, The Beatles wanted Stanley Kubrick–fresh from making 2001: A Space Odyssey–to direct.

Peter Jackson VIA Gamespot on Beatles being Lord of the Rings Characters

So, why hasn’t it happened yet? You may thank J.R.R. Tolkien for that. Middle-famed earth’s creator refused to sell the film rights to his writings. He didn’t desire his epic to be brought to life by a “pop band.” However, Jackson acknowledged that it was in fact in play for a little period of time.

“At one point in time in early 1968, The Beatles were seriously considering doing that.” One thing is certain: if this version of the film had been made, geek culture would have played out very differently. At the very least, we’d like to go to the parallel timeline where this version of The Lord of the Rings was created. Even if it’s just to hear John Lennon say, “my precious,” it’s worth it. Would you have liked to have seen Lord of the Rings Characters Played by the Beatles?

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