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Anime Boy

Anime Boys or Best Boys characters we are intrigued by are either little shits with big hearts — or decent guys with a naughty or edgy streak — or vice versa. There are rare exceptions, but most of the time it comes down to how we, as a culture, view boys who are much more than they might seem to be.

Put another way, with its stunning aesthetics and adorable characters, the anime genre has continuously pulled in audiences. These adorable characters may be made-up, but their admirers’ affection for them isn’t. Some are monsters, while others are polite, and yet others fall somewhere in between.

Anime Boy List Let’s Go!

Anime Boy

Todoroki Shoto

Shoto Todoroki is the protagonist of the My Hero Academia anime and manga series. He is a U.A. High School anime boy student studying to become a Pro Hero. He was admitted to U.A. on the basis of official recommendations. Midoriya’s second-best buddy as well as a cordial rival. He is Endeavor’s youngest child, and the younger brother of both Fuyumi and Natsuo Todoroki, as well as Toya Todoroki AKA Dabi’s eldest brother and mortal enemy.

Anime Boy

Ken Kaneki

The lead character of author Ishida Sui’s Tokyo Ghoul series is Kaneki Ken. Anime boy Kaneki begins his trip as a human, but his life is irrevocably changed when he meets a girl ghoul named Rize, who transforms him into a one-eyed ghoul. Kaneki’s life is difficult until he encounters individuals he can trust, both human and ghoul.

Anime Boy

Usui Takumi

Takumi Usui, Misaki’s serious love interest in the anime, extremely handsome and well-liked in their school, as aficionados of Maid Sama! well know. It’s no mystery in the plot that he’s a gifted student and athlete, and that the females at his school are smitten with him, declaring their love, and being spurned by him on a regular basis. Misaki is the only girl he has eyes for, and the story chronicles him as he attempts to persuade her to be in a relationship with him. Takumi, on the other hand, has a lot of small nuances that add up to make him a more well-rounded character.

Anime Boy

Takeo Gōda

Takeo Gouda is the main character of the anime and manga My Love Story. Takeo is a teenager who has just started dating. Because of his appearance, people sometimes misjudge him. Takeo has enormous thick lips, short black hair, dense black eyebrows, black speckled eyes, and noticeable sideburns. He usually wears a blue dress jacket with a dark blue necktie over a white collared shirt, blue pants with a brown belt, and black leather shoes.

He is a generous, selfless anime boy who is ready to help others even if he is not recognized for it. He has a strong moral compass, as he despises individuals who harm others, break the law, and particularly those who hurt or insult his friends, whom he strongly defends.



On the outside, the class president appears to be a repressed hardass, but he’s a total darling on the inside. He’s incredibly enthusiastic about space! Every social encounter he has with Vice President Kaguya is overanalyzed by him! He works so hard all the time and only needs to rest! He is deserving of nothing but the best.

ANime Boy


Tanjiro Kamado the anime boy from Demon Slayer is not only the best boy for fans, but also the best boy we’ve ever seen in anime. Tanjiro is the kind of boy you want to bring home and introduce to your parents. He’s sincere, compassionate, and kind, and his persistent commitment to save his younger sister inspires the best in people around him. The fact that he does this despite grieving the loss of his mother and brothers only adds to his integrity. Irrespective of his actual power capacity, he is a true major character deserving of the moniker “hero.”

Anime Boy


For worthy cause, Satoru Gojo is a new fan favorite among Jujutsu Kasien watchers. He’s a nut! I’m not sure what it is about the most powerful heroes being the most down-to-earth that strikes a chord with me. Even if he’s awkward at times, he’s a great mentor who cares about the youngsters and is an excellent role model. He’s the type of anime boy character I’d turn to if I were going through a bad patch.

Anime Boy


My heart pounded when Law first appeared in the One-Piece manga, turning the reader off. We all love a bumbling bad boy, but Eiichiro Oda has done a fantastic job of turning him into a buffoon. Beyond being a cool ally, the Straw-hat Pirates pick on him and poke him for fun, making him a very appealing character. He’s also a surgeon with a talking bear as a sidekick and a yellow submarine pilot. What’s not to appreciate about that? Anime Boy over 9000.

Anime boy

Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is one of the most beloved anime boy characters in Attack on Titan, and his colleagues and fans alike hold him in high respect. Captain Levi Ackerman, also known as Captain Levi, is the expressionless and unassuming captain of the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Unit, an elite squad of troops. He is well-liked by his peers and subordinates, and he has been dubbed “Humanity’s Greatest Soldier” by the public owing to his tremendous strength and remarkable accomplishments.

Anime Boy


Samurai Champloo does an excellent job at making each of the three main characters likable. When I see Mugen and Jin fight, the imagery is so good that I can’t help but feel a strange attraction to them. But what about the episode where Jin assists Shino in escaping her fate and fleeing? I’m embarrassed to admit how far I’d fallen at that time for this anime boy like countless others on Reddit.

Anime boy


I didn’t go through a Bleach phase as an adolescent. I knew a lot of the characters and which ones I liked, but I never bothered to read it because of the split reactions to the finale. I fell head over heels for anime boy Grimmjow. His obnoxious jawbone? Good. His unbreakable bond with Ichigo? Good. In the final arc, he gets a small jumpsuit. Good. Junichi Suwabe also lends his voice to him, which didn’t help me avoid falling for him. Grimmjow is good, even if the ending of Bleach was horrible.

We deserve a +1 for appreciating Grimmjow’s brilliance (though I also always liked Ulqiorra). To be honest, Bleach contains a lot of interesting anime boy characters with great designs that Kubo-san, sadly, didn’t know what to do with by the time the series ended on a bad note. Is there anyone we didn’t add to the list?

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