The Complete Beginner’s Guide to 2019 Cherry Blossom Season

If you’re coming to Japan for spring, then you are likely hoping to see the world famous cherry blossoms in full bloom. They bloom for an incredibly short period, but fear not, Geek Impulse has you covered!

The season for Tokyo is a little earlier this year, and is as follows:

First bloom: March 23rd

Full bloom: March 30th (according to Weathermap – check here regularly for updates!)

2019 Cherry Blossom Season - Geek Impulse Japan

This is a little earlier than last year, which is prompting some early Sakura goods, like the Shake Shack “Shakura” shake.

Other major cities bloom at different times, however, so if you’re not coming to Japan on those dates, why not consider a day trip north or south? Hokkaido is the latest to bloom, and Okinawa is the earliest. Check the dates here!

There are plenty of beautiful places to go and surround yourself in the gently falling petals. With you camera, friends, or picnic in hand, there’s so many ways to experience the pink phenomenon.

The business world takes giant blue tarps and sits drinking under the trees for the better part of a day. Of course, friends and families do this as well, but there’s nothing quite like a picture of black suited business folk in contrast to the pink blooms.


Check out our list of famous viewing spots, as well as a few personal recommendations that are more off the beaten path:

Well known:

Meguro river
Ueno park
Yoyogi park

Off the beaten path:
Senzoku ike

Katsutadai’s Shin River (Bonus, there’s an amazing play park)


Meguro Institute for Nature Study


Kinuta park


Let us know in the comments if you’re planning your trip in the cherry blossom season! Where are you headed?

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