The Famous Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade to Feature A Giant Goku Balloon



Goku Thanksgiving - Geek Impulse

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Macy’s has partnered with Funimation to bring Japanese Anime to New York. Thursday it was announced that Dragon Ball Super’s Saiyan superstar Goku will have his very own balloon. Anime fandom is excited to see a beloved character in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.



The balloon will be modeled after the Godlike Super Saiyan Blue Form. This form first appeared in the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F  film. Although the amount of power that is inside of Goku is beyond comparison in some circles, this time he will be filled with Helium.




According to Nerdist News:


Measuring 70 feet long, 36 feet wide, and 56 feet tall, the super-sized Super Saiyan will require more than 100 balloon handlers t0 make it safely through the streets of New York City. The actual balloon has not been revealed yet, but Funimation has published concept art of what the finished product will look like. 



Goku Thanksgiving - Geek Impulse


There is plenty to enjoy with regards to Dragon Ball. Reminder that Dragon Ball Super: Broly,  hits theaters on January 16, 2019. What are your thoughts on this news? Are you Super Pumped? Chat with us in the comments and on Social Media. 










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