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There is a futuristic hotel run almost entirely by Robots! Yes you heard that correctly Robots! At the reception of the Henn na Hotel (Strange Hotel) a female humanoid welcomes and checks in guests. There is an automated trolley takes guests bags to their room. With the help of Facial recognition technology,  guests are allowed to enter their room. This takes away the hassle of carrying around a hotel key. The question though is this: Will it recognize your face after a night of Sake?




Geek Impulse Henn Na Hotel Tokyo

Tapia, a concierge robot through which the hotel guests can control equipments in the room such as television, air conditioner or illumination by voice communication or touching the robot. REUTERS/Issei Kato



So as you can see there’s also raptors with a bow tie to greet you in Japanese, English, or Korean. There are also robots that handle all the window-cleaning and vacuuming. It also boasts an air-conditioning system that is sensor-controlled and tailored to your personal body temperature. It was geared towards business travel however now with the coming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo they are hoping to vet tourists as well.




Geek Impulse Henn na Hotel

The red porter robot takes luggage to a room. Courtesy of Henn na Hotel



Here is a little something from their official website: About the Radiant Panel Air Conditioning System at Henn na Hotel
This system uses electromagnetic waves to transfer heat directly from one object to another without affecting the air in between. When it is hot out, this radiating-type heating/cooling system draws heat away from your body to make you feel cool. When it is cold out, it makes you feel warm by keeping heat from escaping your body. It also creates a lower temperature differential than conventional heating/cooling systems and is less affected by air currents.



So tell us Geek Impulse Fam, What do you think about this futuristic hotel run almost entirely by robots. WE think Henn na Hotel in Tokyo is excellent and no better place for this concept to work than in Japan, but I am sure it would possibly work else where in the future.




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